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Weight loss has been the toughest work that a significant amount of people are practicing. We all are trying hard to find ways to cope with obesity. It has become the most common problem of the era.

There could be innumerable ways depending on your schedule of work, intervals you seek, the region, the climate you live in, etc. make a great difference in your health and diet plans.

Thus, here in just food and fitness, we have shortlisted some of the food and some helpful tips that help losing weight and are rich in nutrition. 


1) Probiotic food:  

Probiotic refers to the good bacteria found in healthy food supplements. This type of food includes yogurt, curd, etc. that helps you get rid of gut toxins which further improves digestion.


Since healthy digestion leads to better access to nutrients and keeps you healthy. Hence, probiotic supplements should be involved in a daily diet.


2) Limit fruit juice: 

To make your weight loss plan a success you should limit your fruit juice intake as it may contain added sugar that further increases blood sugar and related diseases.
Additionally, it also contains less fiber that makes it a bad appetizer. That suggests it may not reduce your hunger completely.

Therefore, we should prefer eating fruits rather than having juices because it helps better access to the nutrition it provides. 

3) Use coconut oil:  

Coconut oil is considered good fat than other oil products. Research studies show that it improves metabolism and reduces the fat-storing process reaction to high-calorie intake. It also found healthy and effective in losing abdominal fat.   

4) Eat fewer carbs: 

Cutting down carbs is useful in weight loss. When talking about weight loss many tend to think of excluding calories from the diet. Although it is important to include it in your diet to keep working since they are a major source of energy.

Calories combined with vitamins, minerals and importantly fibers help lose weight as they make us feel full and energetic for a longer time.

5) Try a variety of soups:  

Soups are a better option while losing weight as they are less energy-dense. Its intake counts low in calories and makes us feel fuller.

Some studies show that having soup of an equal amount as your regular meal turns to be a good appetite and prevents frequent eating.  

tomato soups

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Apple is a fruit that decreases the blood sugar level and is also rich in soluble fiber, water, and polyphenols that make it less energy-dense food.

Apple also helps lower the level of bad cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides. All such kinds of stuff present in it make it healthy and promote weight loss.

Some observations show that some contents found in apple are capable of resisting and fighting cancer. You can also use apple cider vinegar if you like. It also helps in lowering the weight and keeps the blood sugar level in control.

Apple cider vinegar taken 1-2 tablespoons per day is enough and should be diluted with water.  


Unlike other fruits Avocados are found rich in fats. The fat content found in it is mono-unsaturated fats, named oleic acid, which is responsible for stopping blood sugar spike.

Avocados also contain lots of water and fiber that make it less energy-dense, which is quite good for health. It helps better absorbing carotenoid antioxidants, which is also known as a cancer-fighting component.


Carotenoid antioxidants, majorly found in colorful fruits such as tomato, carrots, spinach, etc. are also helpful in reducing weight by keeping you full and prevents overeating. 


Beans and legumes are also found healthy and fit for losing weight. Generally, it includes lentils, black beans, kidney beans, and some more.

Beans are high in protein and fiber that satisfy the hunger for a long time. Additionally, it contains some resistant starch that is also analyzed good for weight loss and should be included in your diet.
Legumes are observed to be intolerable to many people and thus should be prepared with care.

Beans are energy-dense as it contains protein, vitamins, minerals, resistant starch in it. One should have a deficient amount of beans in the diet which could be up to 1 or ½ a cup.   


Pears are a perfect combo as weight loss fruit as it consists of high water content, essential nutrients, and antioxidants required for weight loss. Because it has high water content it serves as a good detoxifying agent.

Pears are also a good source of antioxidant and vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin K that helps fight free radical. Thus it protects inflammation and takes care of health and skin.  


Yogurt is found rich in probiotics that help our gut being healthy and provides improved metabolism.

A healthy gut not just provides better metabolism but also boosts the immune system which leads to weight loss. It provides nutrition that prevents overeating and detoxifies our gut that further reduces bloating.

Yogurt is also found rich in protein contents and thus is capable of suppressing hunger. Studies prove that yogurt is quite rich in protein than eggs.

berries and yogurt


Berries are the best cardio snacks that you can have. Some studies reveal that berries and yogurt are best suited for workouts since they contain antioxidants that improve the blood flow. Berries are additionally helpful in providing more and more oxygen to the muscles.   

Berries, unquestionably, have low calories and are useful in lowering the cholesterol level. It is also rich in fiber content proving to be a good supplement for weight loss. 

Berries are also recommended for good skin as it provides a variety of nutrients. Pieces of studies show that some of its content protect against cancer. 

Thus having berries either as a workout snack or as a delicious diet proves to be undeniably good for your health.

7) NUTS 

Nuts have always been a good source of monounsaturated fats that make them good snack items to have. Additionally, they are rich in protein and loaded with fiber. These contents found in nuts suppress hunger and keep you sated for a long time.

Nuts also contain amino acids that help fat burn and result in weight loss. These are also great for improved metabolism.

Nuts high in minerals serve as a good appetizer and also meet the body requirements. Whether it is magnesium, phosphorous, thiamin or omega-3 vitamin nuts are a pack of all.

Since they are energy-dense and minerals are required in a small amount for good health. There should be a limited intake of nuts.

You can have them as normal crunches that are generally preferred during the winter season when it is required the most.


Eating chocolate especially dark chocolate is something that is liked by almost every girl. From child to adult no matter what age you are in having a piece of dark chocolate a day would be beneficial for you.

Eating chocolates keep you away from yearnings that sometimes lead to overeating. Apart from this, it has a low calorific value. It is also found to be healthy for the gut and thus helps weight loss.   

dark chocolate

Kinds of studies show that eating dark chocolate is good to resist cardiovascular disease. Not only due to the nutrition it provides but also its antioxidant contents prove to be healthy.

According to observations a piece of Dark chocolate protects from free radicals and could improve brain functioning.


Green tea is listed among the best fat burners. It contains the antioxidant named catechin that catalyzes the fat-burning effect.

Green tea also contains caffeine which is found in dark chocolates too and is effective in losing belly fat. 

Green tea boosts metabolism that helps improves the digestion process. Green tea is recommended to have at least once in a day.

It provides a better effect when combined with a regular workout routine.


Grapefruit is a great fruit for you if you are looking to lose weight. It serves as a great appetite suppressant. Having it in the breakfast benefits the most.

You should not eat grapefruit empty stomach as it can increase acidity and result in improper digestion.

Its regular intake lowers hormone secretion which helps losing weight. It also contains fiber and is the best appetite suppressant.

Grapefruit high in vitamin C and antioxidants reduce the risk of kidney stones and promotes weight loss. 


Salmon is a type of fatty fish that is found rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Such components make it a good choice for a healthy weight loss diet. It reduces inflammation, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

There are some more fatty fish that could help to be fit and are healthy like Mackerel, trout, sardines, herring, etc.

These fishes have a sufficient amount of iodine, which is responsible for proper thyroid function that plays an important role in improving one’s metabolism.


Salmon is a good source of protein. It also contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It lowers blood pressure and contains good fat that suppresses hunger and helps losing weight. 


Spinach is also listed among the weight loss food to eat as it contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. These contents make it a good appetizer that prevents overeating.

Spinach is also found to incredibly rich in magnesium that helps lower the blood sugar and also balances hormone levels.

Diet rich in antioxidants are found to be good for skin and prevent adverse effects of free radicals. Since spinach is found rich in antioxidants it serves great for the skin.

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When thinking of losing weight the first thing that comes into mind is to cut down food intake. Well, not truly we just have to remove unhealthy food items. However, you can always enjoy your favorite food along with a condition, to balance it afterward. Here are some food items that need to be taken care of:

Avoid sugar

Sugar is something that should be avoided to balance the health rate as it provides excess calories. Sugar not only results in weight gain but could result in many diseases.

Many studies show that sugar is unhealthy concerning the heart. It leads to many heart-related problems such as high blood pressure level, blood sugar level, obesity, and inflammation.

Apart from this sugar also increases the rate of the aging process and the risk of developing acne. It increases oil production and inflammation that worsen acne problems.

When sugar reacts with protein, the compound formed is named AGES (Advanced Glycation End Product) that is responsible for the aging process. Its high production leads to premature aging.     

Avoid excess fruit juices

Most of the fruit juices in the market are processed which makes it unhealthy. It barely contains healthy food contents in it.

Fruit juices usually don’t have fiber in it. Thus it does not serve as a good hunger suppresser and can lead to having more calories than we think. That’s how it leads to gain more weight rather than reducing it.

When we eat a slice of fruit, which contains higher fiber contents and nutrition helps control our hunger also make us feel full.

A study also proved that our brain tends to recognize calories better in solids than in liquid, hence, provide us eat less.

Avoid ice creams or candies 

As already mentioned how sugar is harmful to our health. Ice cream contains much more sugar, sometimes the refined one, and is high in calories which are equally responsible for weight gain.

We can always have it in smaller portions for once in a while but should avoid frequent eating. You can always have an option of self-made items to eat.

So if you love ice creams a lot but working on the healthier diet you can make some at home with better ingredients and less sugar.

Similarly, candies are also loaded with sugar, fats, and refined ingredients in it. Candies are always found high in calories and do not provide any nutrition at all. They are also not filling proving to be a bad choice for weight loss. 
home made cookies

Avoid refined flour 

Refined flour is used in pastries, cookies, cakes, candy bars, etc. These food items are not that satiate and remind us of hunger after a small interval. 

Such food entities contain trans-fats that are unhealthy and prone to disease. Furthermore, it does not contain any nutritious thing that keeps us fit.

Despite purchasing it from the market you should try it at home with way better ingredients that are healthy and fit your taste.

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Tell us if you have any queries or like the efforts we made. 

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