About Us

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I’m Arvind. I consider myself a fitness foodie. Just like you!
Also, I personally follow the yoga and food-&-fitness tips that I offer you through the post.
I’m working with a community, since 2011, who is continually working to edify people to health education and a healthy lifestyle. And not only to rural people but also to people who just need a hint to classify their fitness goals and motivation.
Many people believe that fitness can only be achieved through tasteless diet meals, including hours of strength training in the gym.

Be happy! This post is for you and for all other enthusiastic fitness lovers. Even if you’re a beginner, you’re going to love it for all regular healthy bytes.
In this era, amid tons of information available almost everywhere in this world, it’s pretty tricky to fetch the information worth reading.
Thus we are here to serve you with all our reasonable opinions about health, food, and fitness.

From where it all started

While running a helping hand through the community, we desired to spread awareness about overall health and reach more people.
The community works to walk through places and meet people to encourage them through health education materials like brochures, pamphlets, books.
Thus, this blog is a personal effort, which is initiated to reach more people through this platform.
The community offers health education in countless ways by organizing health sessions, introducing them to healthy living practices, providing them health and wellness books so that they can differentiate myths and healthy habits.
Helping them with books was quite encouraging for the little ones.
You would agree, simple health benefits indulged in daily life could help us live our lives better and longer.

What we have for you

Weight loss: Believe me! We know the struggle of working hours on the exercise, followed by not much pleasant diet. That’s why we are working to provide you every aspect of a healthy diet that you can follow. So that you can choose your ideal diet plan.
Health: Health is not something to have a daily schedule, but is associated with practices that define your wellness. You can find all the small everyday habits here to focus on, which are usually worth knowing.
Yoga: Yoga is a word that often is interpreted as asanas (postures), which is only a part of it. In fact, It is a journey that could always lead you to your ambition, whether it’s health, discipline, emotional stability, also much more. For my personal recommendation, you should give it a try. You would like it!
Food: With our list of healthy food posts, we introduce all aspects in which food plays a better role as your health booster.
Fitness: Whether you are a fitness expert or naive, these small chunks of information would help you find your way to fitness.

Our mission

Our mission is to make every individual a healthy being.
It doesn’t mean if you’re a fitness geek or not. You would like to be healthy and fit all time. And, what if you know every right way to fill your plate with delicious plus nutritious food, frankly impressive, right!
We aim to present food and fitness learning that might contribute to your wellness and thus lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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