Quick Weight-Loss Diet Plan List For A Healthy And Sustainable Weight

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Quick Weight-Loss Diet Plan List For A Healthy And Sustainable Weight

There are many diet plans out there for everyone. Some are diet concerned for good appetite, whereas some focus on low-calorie intake.


A diet always works differently for a different person. Which may work for you may not work for others. Ideally, we cannot have one diet that confidently suits everyone.


However, a healthy and quick weight-loss diet plan comprises both a balanced diet and some amount of normal exercise. Some food items help reducing weight.

quick weight-loss plans

Many diets respond quickly to weight loss. But almost all such diets make you hunger-stricken and unsatisfied.


Therefore, the quick weight-loss diet plan is that which follows:

  • Reducing calories
  • Reduces weight at a faster rate
  • Improves metabolic rate and provide nourishment

Here, we have some best weight-loss diet plans that you could try.



The vegan diet follows a rule that prevents a meal from containing animal-derived products(including flesh, dairy). Moreover, it opposes the exploitation of animals.


This diet is also referred to as a strict vegetarian diet because it eliminates every animal product. However, it further eliminates animal-derived products such as dairy products, honey, eggs, etc. 


The vegan diet is found very effective in losing weight. It comprises high fiber and low-fat contents. As your calorie intake become low, which further makes you feel fuller and supports weight loss.

quinoa plat - weight-loss meal


The vegan diet usually deals with body mass index and weight. It helps faster weight loss and Body Mass Index (BMI) deduction.


A study on different groups of people revealed that the vegan diet was more satisfactory as people were allowed to eat until fullness. On the other hand, the restricted diet group had an enclosed amount of calories. 


The study suggests the vegan diet group had acquired a considerable loss of weight than other groups. 


MERITS: Since it comprises lots of plant-based diets that improve heart health and digestion as well. This diet also prevents diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease as it avoids processed meat. 


The vegan diet contains low calories, which promote weight loss. Simultaneously, it takes care of your health by keeping diseases away. 


DEMERITS: Since the vegan diet completely denies animal-derived products, they deprive several nutrients and vitamins necessary for health and proper growth. 


It eliminates zinc, calcium, iron, iodine, which are termed essential nourishment for our body.




The vegan for weight loss meal includes the following nutrition sources:


  • Should involve fruits like melons, citrus fruits, and berries 
  • Veggies including leafy greens, tomatoes, potatoes
  • Protein contents like beans and lentils are good at providing nutrition
  • Whole grains as oats, quinoa are also preferred
  • Nuts and seeds are powerful energy-dense components, ex- almonds, walnuts
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocados are good at weight loss




The Low carb diet mainly focuses on limiting your calorie intake. The low-calorie intake would make you rely on the fat content of your body for energy. 


This diet makes your body consume more energy from fats rather than calories you get. A low-carb diet does not restrict fat or protein contents, but it ensures low carbohydrates in your meal. 


As you get to have low calories in your body, you derive energy from fatty acids and ketones generated due to fat and proteins in your meal. 

low calorie fruits

Research studies show that a low-carb diet proves to be a fruitful and quick weight-loss diet plan, especially for obese people. It is also helpful in eliminating belly fat. 


Since this diet reduces the fat deposits around organs, it helps with diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, etc. 


Many diet studies show that the keto diet has more results, almost double than Low carb diet. Since it focuses on low carb intake, the more you decrease the number of carbs, the quicker you get the result. 


MERITS: Low carb diet makes you feel fuller for longer. The diet also reduces your appetite as it includes fat and protein. Furthermore, it reduces calorie intake involuntarily. 


As this diet result in eradicating fat, it helps improve blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. Thus, it proves to be healthier without depriving us of any nutrition. 


DEMERITS: As every person has different comfort zones, it may not serve the best for you. It may increase the cholesterol level. 


The diet focuses on using fat as fuel but could produce severe health conditions for some people. However, it proves to be beneficial for almost everyone. 




Low carb diet plans contain food having a lower calorific value in the diet and good at protein and fat content. Some of them are listed below, that you can prefer to seize more benefits from a low carb diet:


  • Green leafy veggies, cauliflower, and broccoli have a low calorific value 
  • Fish and eggs are a good source of protein as well 
  • Nuts and seeds are although high in protein contents but are highly dense, and thus, their intake should be limited 
  • Lean meats and healthy fats are also good options to opt 
  • Fruits such as avocados, peaches, watermelon, berries, etc. are best at low carbs 



While talking about a healthy and quick weight-loss diet plan, words like keto light up in the mind of many individuals. Now we should discuss the most famous diet of all called the ketogenic diet or simply the keto diet. 


A keto diet is more like a low-carb diet. Similarly, it involves very low carbs, moderate protein, and high-fat components. But the difference in the keto diet is, we have to reduce calorie intake up to 50gm per day. Thus, we can say that a low-carb diet is a looser version of a keto diet. 


When we reduce the number of carbs in our meals, the body derives energy through fat content. The process is known as ketosis as ketones act as the source of energy.


man with coffee

Ketones are produced by the liver while obtaining energy from fat in the absence of glucose. Although fat contents are high in keto diets, they are profitable, quick weight-loss diet plans than low carb diets. 


According to some studies, the more you restrict your carbohydrate amounts, the easier you achieve ketosis.   


MERITS: The keto diet serves as a solid and quick weight-loss diet plan. It, generally, includes low carbs and more fat and protein contents make you feel fuller and satisfied for longer. 


This diet is also beneficial for somebody suffering from type-2 diabetes and cognitive decline.  


DEMERITS: It may work slowly for some people as it largely depends on high fat. But that is fewer exceptions to the keto diet. Moreover, it may take a long time to reduce a considerably large amount of weight.   


The Keto diet also has low nutrition quality as it eliminates most of the starchy veggies and nutritional food components. You could find it hard to follow as it works differently for different people and could delay the results. 




Some food items are preferred in the keto diet, while some food disqualifies to accomplish the keto state of ketosis. We have listed all such food contents you need to know about: 


(I) Keto-friendly food – eggs, avocados, water, etc

(II) Fatty fish – salmon, mackerel, herring, etc 

(III) Dairy – yogurt, butter, and cream

(IV) Cheese – goat cheese, cream cheese, and mozzarella 

(V) Dry fruits and nuts – almonds, walnut, peanut 

(VI) Healthy fats – coconut oil, olive oil, coconut butter, and sesame oil

(VII) No Starch Veggies – green veggies, tomato, broccoli 

(VIII) Unsweetened green tea or coffee – such stuff without sugar serve more and proves to be healthier 

egg meal

FOODS TO AVOID:  The keto diet usually excludes carbohydrate-rich foods


(I) Baked food items – bread, especially white bread, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, etc

(II) Sweets – sugar is avoidable for weight loss as it counts on the extra calories, ice cream, candies

(III) Processed food – junk food, pizza, burger, hot dogs, processed meat

(IV) Unhealthy fats – Margarine, vegetable oil, and corn oil




After a French general practitioner specializing in weight management, Dr. Pierre Dukan, this diet is entitled the Dukan diet. Years of study and research helped him find an effective weight loss diet plan. 


He was successful in creating a quick weight-loss diet plan for many people around the world. His book – The Dukan Diet – was listed among the bestseller and had a great impression on several people as it helped weight reduction without hunger. 


The Dukan Diet includes high protein and low carb meals for obese patients. Many beneficiate patients approved this diet as the best diet as it involves satisfying treat, which also helps achieve their ideal weight. 


This diet plan has four simple phases, the two phases for weight loss and the remaining for weight management. The time for each state depends on the weight you want to shed. The four stages are:


  • Attack phase 
  • Cruise phase 
  • Consolidation phase 
  • Stabilization phase 

The first two phases comprise eating unlimited protein foods and essential oat bran. Besides, the other two stages include non-starchy food, carbs, and fat in the early meal. 


The Dukan diet is a perfect weight loss diet plan for women. Pieces of studies showed that women who followed this diet reduced weight up to 15 kgs in less than a dozen of a week. The Dukan Diet also helps to increase the metabolic rate.  

weight-loss diet spaghetti

MERITS: Since the diet made by Dr. Dukan was to relieve his patients from obesity. Its only purpose was to reduce and achieve proper weight loss without hunger and provide a satisfying diet plan.


The Dukan Diet plan is quite effective for women who want to achieve their ideal weight and maintain that weight. It is a successful and quick weight-loss diet plan.  


DEMERITS: The Diet focuses on high protein and low carb and fat contents leading your body to generate a conserved energy state. 


This diet also leads to loss of muscle mass along with the fat mass. Since it is not a widely tested diet but only worked for a significant group of people, it does not have many scientific opinions. 


As your body conserves energy, you become likely to gain weight after losing a considerable amount of weight.  



There are mainly foods high in protein, especially lean protein, and carbs, and low fats. Some foods recommended in this diet are as follows:


  • Green leafy veggies and green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, onions, turnips, pumpkins
  • Starches:- pasta, grains, rice, potato
  • Fruits:- cucumber, tomato, asparagus, kiwis, orange apple, melon, apricots, pear, carrots, and beetroots
  • Oat bran, spaghetti squash




Paleo diet is one of the most growing, or better say, trending diet plans to follow for weight loss. The Paleo diet, based on the eating habits of our ancestors back from the Paleolithic period. 


The paleolithic era was the time when our ancestors consumed only through hunting or gathering from their environment. That’s why it is also known as the Caveman diet.  


Following this diet doesn’t involve a headache of counting calories as it eliminates the vital sources of calories. The Paleo diet focuses on unprocessed food items, including both animal and plant foods. 


This diet majorly restrains the food items, which involve industrially processed food, grains, dairy products, and sugar. It reduces food from our diet as white bread, ice cream, doughnuts, muffins, etc.


Several pieces of research showed a reduction in waist circumference and BMI. This diet plan was also helpful in weight loss.  

healthy fats for weight loss diet plan


Based on the fact that most of the diseases people are confronting these days are due to the processed food materials. Thus, it removes all such artificial contents from the daily meal and emphasizes veggies, lean protein, whole foods, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  


MERITS: As the Paleo diet involves unprocessed food, we are prevented from processed and artificially added stuff, serving the benefits of pure nutrients rather than inducing toxins in the body. It includes nutrient-rich, fresh, and organic vegetables and fruits.


The Paleo diet also improves gut health which further benefits in good metabolism, promotes sound sleep and stress management. The diet contributes to healthy weight loss with increased muscle growth as it includes more protein and healthy fat in our meals. 


It also removes sodium intake and replaces it with lots of fiber content. This act eliminates bloating and improves gut flora and digestion. Thus seeking the diet plan and food contents of the paleo diet include the following merits:


  • Healthier skin and hair because it involves much protein and fat foods  
  • Mental clarity improves nutrient intake and removes toxic components from the diet
  • Reduces bloating and improves gut health 
  • It is beneficial for patients with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer since it excludes sodium, sugar, and processed food
  • Promotes higher immune functions, muscle growth, digestion, and metabolism rate 
  • Reduces the effects of inflammation and respiratory problems     

DEMERITS: The only disadvantage of the Paleo diet is that it removes essential nutrients like dairy, whole grains, and legumes. This design eliminates a good source of energy and nutrients. 




The Paleo diet majorly involves unprocessed food and promoted naturally occurring nutrient sources. Some are listed below:


  • Vegetables – starchy and non-starchy veggies are preferred in this diet to meet the essential body nutrition. 
  • Fruits – the Paleo diet includes low-sugar fruits. So no bananas, mangos, etc., but having them once for tasting is ok. 
  • Healthy fats – nuts and seeds are allowed to eat, but up to some extent only. Having it most of the time may introduce inflammation problems. Some more healthy fats to include are coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado oil, olive oil, ghee, butternut oil, fish oil, sesame oil, etc.  
  • Salts and sugar – only unprocessed and natural sources of sweetness are allowed to flavor the meal. The amount of such stuff in a regular meal is still limited. 




Intermittent fasting is more about when to eat rather than what to eat. It creates a balance of fasting and eating periods. The diet does not restrict your eating. But, it simply specifies the time when you should eat. 


Though there are different forms of intermittent fasting, we have shortlisted some effective ones for you. You may choose the one you like:


  • 16/8 method: This method makes you forgo your breakfast. It also reduces your mealtime to 8 hrs. Thus, you get 16 hrs of the day too fast. And 8 hrs to eat.
  • Eat-stop-eat method: This diet method makes you fast for 24 hrs once or twice per week, on non-consecutive days.
  • Warrior diet: This diet focuses on having some raw fruits and vegetables during the whole day accompanied by a large meal at night.  

Intermittent fasting is quite helpful for weight loss as it restricts calorie intake easily, relative to other diet plans.


It takes some of your willpower to make you stick to the diet plan, as you may have a little yearning during your early eating periods.  


This method is found very effective in weight loss. It is a successful method to lose weight, having amazingly better results than other calorie restricting diet plans. 


If you don’t like to skip your breakfast, then definitely shift your mealtime to the morning or noon an hour so that you will not feel fatigued. 


Research showed that eating your dinner earlier till the evening makes you burn calories more than those who had dinner late at night. Thus, intermittent fasting makes you eat less, resulting in fewer calorie intake.  


MERITS: Intermittent fasting reduces inflammation effects, improves cholesterol level and blood sugar level. It also benefits insulin sensitivity and cellular repair. 


This diet plan could help grow new brain cells, protect against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. So, we can list the benefits of intermittent fasting as follows:


  • Guarantees weight loss and also helps to maintain it
  • Reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity 
  • Develops brain function and has good impacts on the functioning of different parts of the body, making you feel more active 

DEMERITS: Intermittent fasting does not serve for all. According to some studies, it suggests that it works more for men than for women. 


Intermittent fasting is avoidable for people sensitive to blood sugar level drops and who are malnourished. 


Also, prevent the diet plan in case of recovery from serious injuries.    




Intermittent fasting doesn’t restrict the food amount or type of food we have. You may have almost whatever you like there is not much restriction.


To gain benefits from it, increase the amount of food having less carb, high protein. High protein intake during intermittent fasting would help you build muscles. 


Home-cooked foods are usually preferred in this diet as they are easy to digest. Always remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking mineral water at regular intervals.  


AVOID FOOD: To achieve the best from the diet, you should restrict complex food like greasy and fried food as they are hard to digest. 


During Intermittent fasting, one should avoid a heavy diet. Instead, a moderate diet is helpful and sufficient. Because if you eat an enormous feast after a long time fasting, it would be so hard for your body to digest.  


Foodstuffs like sugar, salt are dehydrating agents and could result in dehydration problems. Thus, you should cut back on such items.


Choose the diet plan according to the way your body provides clues. Consult your doctor before heading to any diet plan, whether that could be helpful or not. Do not push yourself too hard for dieting. Anytime you feel uncomfortable with the dieting pattern, stop immediately. 


There are several types of healthy, quick weight-loss diet plans, and each works differently for different people. So, do not feel stressed if that doesn’t work for you. Maybe it wasn’t fit for you. You have countless diet plans waiting for you to choose from as per your lifestyle.


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