Top Health Benefits Of Swimming As Exercise That You Should Know

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Top Health Benefits Of Swimming As Exercise That You Should Know

Swimming practices provide all the benefits of an aerobic workout without affecting joints callously. From child to very old can do swimming without any restraint. 

It is one of the best ways to work your whole body and improve the cardiovascular system. The Health benefits of swimming as exercise include strengthening muscles and burns as many calories as running or cycling. 

Benefits of swimming

Swimming lessons

Swimming ensures flexibility 

As you swim, you perform numerous stretching activities while pushing the water away. However, before swimming, stretching is always needed. It relaxes your body and helps the tissues or cells repair at a faster rate. 

Swimming benefits a person to recover from some injury or to relieve stress, improving mental strength too.

Studies showed that kids who practiced swimming regularly were found more active and mastered skills quickly, including physical development, confidence, language improvement, and fine motor skills, than those who did not. 

Kids who practiced swimming proved to be brilliant in math, including basic calculations.

Internal Health

Swimming strengthens your cardiovascular system making your heart, lungs strong. A research study showed that people who practiced swimming quite often had a 50% reduced risk of death than those who did not.

swimming as exercise

Another study established a direct relation between swimming with lower blood pressure and control blood sugar. It suggests that swimming occasionally also lowers blood pressure and controls blood sugar.

Includes whole body movement 

Swimming is something that includes the movement of each part of your body. It does not work for only one part but improves overall health status. 

Furthermore, Swimming exercise increases the heart rate but not the stress rate. Exceptionally it reduces the stress and relieves your body. Swimming tones up the muscles and effectively build up strength which leads to greater endurance.

Different strokes serve as distinct workouts for your health.

Swimming As Exercise Helps Recovery 

Swimming is an exercise you can perform even if you are suffering from any injury, arthritis, asthma and prevents you from practicing high-impact exercise. 

In spite, swimming helps to reduce some of the injuries or alleviates joint pain and makes you recover faster. Pieces of studies showed that people who indulged in swimming or cycling are likely to have less joint pain and stiffness, with improved flexibility.

Promotes sound sleep   

Swimming helps better and sound sleep at night due to vigorous workouts performed during swimming. Since, health benefits of swimming as exercise involve increased performance as a whole, which results in quality sleep and flexibility. 

Swimming is a better choice for people who find other exercises less appealing due to any physical concern. 

A study provided that people who indulged in aerobic exercise reported a boost in the quality of sleep. And swimming serves as the best aerobic exercise that highly impacts your sleep.

health benefits of swimming

Treats asthma 

People with asthma may find swimming an excellent activity due to its humid environment. Swimming as an exercise includes breathing practices, improves lung capacity, and control over-breathing. 

Some studies suggest that chemicals used to treat pools can worsen your health condition, especially for those who already deal with asthma. To prevent such awful effects, one must consult a doctor about his/ her potential risks or should go for a pool, using saltwater instead of chemical treatments. 

Even if you do not have asthma or such health problems, swimming is a good choice as it expands overall lung volume and teaches fabulous breathing techniques. 

Helps burn calories 

Swimming proves to be an effective way for weight loss. Swimming can burn many calories as you can burn while jumping, running, or cycling, depending on the stroke you choose. 

Depending on your intensity, swimming could be more beneficial in returning than just running. Pieces of studies done on a group of people to estimate the calories burned during swimming went as:

          Time interval


          Calories burn

Butterfly stroke

Swimming also improves bone mass. Research provided that swimming affected bone mass in similar ways as strength training or weight-bearing exericses do. The researchers found that swimming, however less than running, increased bone mineral density (BMD). 

Swimming requires a person to reach its reflexes. It includes a stretch, twist, and push to resists water. Since we push off the water, our ankles stretch. These repetitive stretching performed in different strokes helps with flexibility. 

Swimming Health Benefits as Exercise 

Researches show that cardio activities like swimming, running reduce inflammation, majorly responsible for atherosclerosis build-up in the heart. 

However, to extract more benefits of swimming as exercise, swim in natural water bodies or open water as in the ocean, pond, lakes.


The saltwater, in nature, helps detoxify and improves cell growth. Swimming regularly helps the skin retain moisture and provides healthy skin

This aerobic exercise is beneficial for people enduring Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as it adds buoyancy to limbs. It provides gentle water resistance that helps during exercise. 

A research study proved that regular swimming results in decreased pain due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It also ensures a reduction in fatigue and disability. 

Swimming Reduces Stress 

Swimming lowers stress and depression as it includes repetitive stretching that leads to muscle relaxation. Along with the rhythmic breathing for its different strokes, it relaxes the body and mind. 

It also helps with happy hormones that lead to relaxation combined with excitation, akin to yoga. 

Swimming is also calming, like yoga or a kind of meditation. 

The sound of water and breathing could help any focus inward, excluding all the distractions. This practice naturally promotes a reduction in stress and depression. 

According to research, it promotes hippocampal neurogenesis, a process that cures the mental state or condition of the brain due to stress and depression. 

Great fun activity 

Swimming is an effective and efficient fun activity for kids, which never feels like a formal workout. The swimming classes prove to be a transcendent supplement for the aerobic exercise required for the development of children.

Thinking of healthy fun activity for kids swimming classes could do well. It helps them with their motor skills too.  

Swimming is a fun activity that provides a healthy body weight. Many parents worry about their lean kids. For those kids, food becomes a profane word.

Thus, physical activity is the only way to provide them a voracious appetite. The benefits of swimming as exercise involve movements and stretches, resulting in the increased need for fuel.


swimming fun activity

Also, you can follow a diet chart to gain a healthy weight during swimming. Swimming combined with a balanced diet leads to recovered digestion and body health.    

It helps build muscles all over as it includes repetitive stretching as pull or pushes and tone up the muscles all over. If you want to improve muscle definition and strength, swimming proves to be the best option.

It is a power pack of aerobic exercises, helps the whole body workout. The rotations of the shoulders tighten the muscles of the shoulders. Similarly, it tones up muscles of the hands, stomach, legs along with the stabilized core.    

Pre –swimming Assignment 

Before you start swimming, you must get an idea about a good swimming center that provides many facilities at a reasonable cost that fits your budget.

Furthermore, a warm-up or proper workout is always crucial before any high-intensity exercise, so for swimming. 

Additionally, if you are trying some workouts at the gym, then pull-ups, squats, or weight lifting exercises such as deadlifts, overhead presses, are good practices.

Swimming as exercise includes strokes, breathing techniques, and many such tips to make your workout effective. 

swimming competition

If you are new to the pool, observe the pool etiquettes. Generally, there are slow, moderate, or fast lanes that help you with your pace to improve it.

Remember, always to cross someone in front of you need to take a left-hand side as this is a basic rule to follow while swimming. Similarly, try to prevent wave formations or any interference for other swimmers.

Before swimming, be sure to cut your nails that prevent accidental scratching other swimmers. 

However, swimming is safe and healthy for recovery or injury. But before heading to the pool, consult your doctor about your medical condition. 

You can also try some saltwater pools rather than chlorinated ones since they also benefit skin health. Do not forget to discuss health guidelines with your doctor before any exercise, whether it promotes improvements or would further ruin health conditions.

Food to eat for swimming 

Food rich in complex carbohydrates is good to have before swimming. It slowly releases carbs and provides prolonged energy that helps to swim for long. 

The consistent energy supply foods include wholegrain pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, unsalted nuts, porridge oats, etc. Banana and yogurt are considered the best source of energy that helps with the digestion.

Since the meal contains all complex carbohydrates, which take enough time to digest, one should not swim for at least one hour after having a feast. 

Some people prefer swimming just after breakfast early in the morning. They must ensure to have something in breakfast, which is a quick energy source like banana, dates, raisins, jelly beans, etc. 

Such food items also don’t feel heavy and provide energy that prevents unexpected fatigue while swimming. 

After swimming, food rich in protein is favorable as it helps repair the tissues and builds healthier ones. 

I hope you liked the way we provided everything about swimming, its merits, and demerits. Share your opinions. Tell us about your ideas too.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should we swim for a workout?

As a beginner, you should swim to make swimming a routine. You should swim to be comfortable with the movements and rests in between the practice. Beginners can easily swim for at least 20-30 minutes.

On the other hand, intermediate to advance should focus on more agility and more range. Swimming practice for at least 1 hour can help you keep continuity with the discipline.

Though, swimming for 20-30 minutes a day is profitable for your cardiovascular system and tone up your body.

What are the benefits of swimming?

Numerous benefits of swimming prove it a favourable exercise for everybody as it embraces:

  • cardiovascular health
  • maintains healthy weight
  • tones and strengthens muscles
  • helps overall body workout

Besides, there are other fitness perks like reducing stress, improving recovery rate, enhancing coordination.

People with asthma can find this physical activity helpful as moisture in the air resolves asthma problems. However, ensure that water is not chlorinated enormously as it may increase allergies or asthma problems.

Thus, regular swimming training helps improve the health status.

How much weight can I lose by swimming?

To lose weight, ensure you are consistent with the swimming practice. Swimming for at least 3-4 hours every week vigorously will help you burn more calories and develop muscles.

To lose one pound in a week, you should firmly practice swimming for 4-to-7 hours a week.
Swimming regularly improves your muscles strength which helps shed excess weight faster.

How does swimming affects the body?

When you swim regularly and perform different strokes, you tend to develop muscles that enhance your appearance.

Swimming maintains your weight by excluding excess fats and strengthening muscles. Thus, your body weight includes more muscle mass than fat deposits(also responsible for health conditions).

Regular swimming practices develop your breathing techniques and work best for your cardiac system.

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