10 Reasons to wake up early | How to wake up early

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10 Reasons to wake up early | How to wake up early

Many of you might argue about the advantages and disadvantages (there are obviously some) to wake up early.  Besides, there are pretty good reasons to get out of bed before or with the sun (if not more).

Early risers are usually called achievers.

Though, there are people who feel more productive during the night hours. Still, some people find waking up early in the morning to be more productive and efficient.

Do you wonder how early birds are so efficient in their tasks within the same 24 hours? Here are some reasons to wake up early in the morning and the benefits it serves us.

how to wake up early

1) Wake up early improves mental fitness

Waking up early affects our mental health. To create a positive impact on your physical as well as mental health ensure you go to bed early to complete your daily need for sleep.

What studies say about mental fitness for early birds:

  • A study in JAMA psychiatric shows how early to bed and early to rise impacts the risk of depression. The research study indicated – going to bed early and waking up early by an hour can significantly reduce the risk of depression in individuals by 23%.
  • Another research at the University of Colorad Boulder suggests – women who are early risers were 12-27% less likely to develop depression. It also revealed how exposure to sunlight influences the risk to develop depression.

The above studies suggest us to get more exposure to sunlight by shifting to a morning schedule.

2) Put up sound sleep as soon as you go to bed

Early risers are active throughout the day and have an influence on circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm helps you to stay awake and active all day. Circadian rhythm is a biological clock that impacts our sleep and wake-up cycle heeding to the light and darkness of the day.

Additionally, waking up early makes you productive during the day and helps you sleep as soon as you get to bed.

Likewise, the human body has its schedules as day and night. For instance, our body releases melatonin after the darkness. Thus, as the night surrounds our body stimulates hormones that make us sleep.

Similarly, light provides our retina to signal our Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (Biological master clock) to reduce melatonin secretion to keep us awake.

3) Can increase your productivity

People who wake up earlier in the morning usually have the brighter side of life. They tend to have a better and creative perspective of thinking.

Early morning is a peaceful time of the day where you can find quiet time for yourself. Some individuals consider this time more productive and beneficial to bring their creativity and productivity right up to the edge.

Moreover, many successful personalities get up early to organize their day before chasing it to increase the optimality.

4) Positive vibes for you

Early risers often term themselves as very positive and happier people. They enjoy the brighter side of the world and have a better understanding of problems. Waking up early in the morning improves problem-solving skills as well.

A journal in the American psychological association on young and old age groups indicates that early risers were quite happy and full of positive vibes as compared to people who usually wake up late in the day.

Though early risers were more frequent in the old age group than among young people, it is obvious that people who wake up early have a better schedule, happiness, and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

As the saying goes – Well begun is half done. Therefore, a healthy schedule may help you lift up your mood and serve you with a prolific day.  

5) Improves focus and brain functioning

Waking up early enhances your brain functioning and concentration. Morning is the time when our brain is quite active than any other time of the day. Thus morning time is suitable/ adequate for learning or to study with great focus.

A study on early risers and physical activity suggested that individuals who hopped out of bed early were found more active than those who did not.

It also indicated how a sedentary lifestyle that can lead to obesity and other health risks can be prevented by becoming an early riser.

Moreover, tasks like actively participating in physical activity resembled enhanced mental health and brain functioning.

Early risers possess critical thinking and analytical skills that help them excel in their studies and work as well. Having more time before heading to a daily routine helps you get to the track.

6) Averts diseases

Getting to bed early at night and waking up early in the morning assists sound sleep that improves both your quality and quantity of sleep.

Moreover, a study by experts reveals that proper sleep helps improve your immunity. During the time of sleep, your immunity system stimulates cytokines. Cytokines fall into the category of protein. Some of these promote sleep whereas some are needed to avert diseases, infections, or stress.

Proper sleep helps you defend against infectious diseases. Conversely, long-term deprivation of sleep can put you at risk of inflammation or infection.

Although too much sleeping can weaken your health and productivity, thus you should maintain it to enhance your fitness and wellbeing.

7) Better schedule your day

Creating a schedule keeps you at several advantages. When you plan your day the chances to waste your time on decisive procrastination reduces.

Plus, you get time to outline the tasks that help you concentrate more on tasks than planning them simultaneously.

Since scheduling helps you stay consistent with the tasks like exercise, meditation, breakfast that ensures your health and fitness as well.

Thus, organizing your day with a quiet mind and at a peaceful time gets you a greater view of the problems and solutions. 

8) Be more consistent

Waking up early provides you to schedule your daily priority tasks of the day.

Similarly, if you are conscious about your diet and fitness, and do not have time throughout the day, waking up early can be the right choice to go for.

Moreover, the morning time is best to get yourself on the track of fit-life. The reason being, a morning person is more consistent towards their goal or even tasks than evening people.

Besides, research on 346 German pupils proves that an early riser is more persistent in the tasks than an evening or night person.

9) Extra hours to the day

Waking up early enhances the circadian rhythm that helps you sleep as soon as you go to bed. It improves your sleep quality.

Waking up early before anyone is awake helps you get some extra time to prepare for your tasks.

For instance, getting up early before school or college helps you be prepared for the topic you are going to learn or revisit the earlier assignments to get a hold of the day.

Moreover, having some extra hours are always beneficial to have your favorite cup of coffee or tea to get ready for the day ahead.

Besides, you have more time to have a peaceful breakfast, which is crucial for better health and balanced diet plans.

10) Become more active and task-oriented

According to research by Christoph Randler on 1231 participants, it is evident how morning birds are more conscientious. However, night people are more alert to the tasks, morning people had a positive correlation between conscientiousness.

Another study in 2008 suggested early birds are found less procrastinating than night owls. However, some research is still required to find a solid relation among both categories.

Be more conscientious and less procrastinating are helpful traits to develop for a healthy and successful career and life as well.

Yet being either side of the person is either related to your chronotype or your job demands that are perfectly fine reasons to be one. Besides, if you ever have an option to be a morning person these were some of the benefits you can count on. 

How to wake up early in the morning?

Some people have a chronotype that helps you get up early in the morning. However, some individuals find waking up early as the next to impossible thing to achieve.

Before getting on to the points to help you become a morning person we should know that every person has their own time of productivity in the day.

And, it is very possible to get up early if you have adequate reasons for doing so. Having a flight in the early morning, preparing for a tough exam, chasing your career when no one is actually awake to disturb you are pretty good reasons to wake up early.

Similarly, if you think you are more active and productive in the evening or night hours that is fine. Remember, what really matters is what schedule you follow daily – is it a healthy lifestyle, do you find it worth doing, does it helps you achieve your goals – if you could answer such questions with a big yes. Great! You are on the right track to be what you want to become.

However, if you are still figuring out the best time and schedule for yourself. Here is what you should try:

1) One step at a time

Ensure you complete your sleep of 8-10 hours till the early morning. But do not go to bed at 8 pm suddenly when your daily sleep time is 10-11 pm. It will never work this way.

Try to mend your sleeping time just 1/2 or 1 hour before your regular sleep time every 2-3 days. This way you will not feel any pressure all of sudden.

Likewise, you may increase the measure of hours or days as per the requirement and capacity to mend your schedule.

2) Create and follow a pre-night routine

Keep your phone aside before you get to bed. The more you switch off the lights, including TV, smartphones, the more it will help you sleep early.

Similarly, having a bedtime routine, such as meditation, reading a book, writing a journal, probably help you get the quality sleep that you need.

3) Avoid eating just before bedtime

Eating just before bedtime resists your system to have a rest and retain its productivity.

However, it is still not recommended to go to bed empty stomach as well. Therefore, you may include some of the nighttime snacks that could help you get a better sleep time.

Hot milk or fibrous foods are some of the best nuggets to involve before bedtime snacks to help you sleep.

4) Everyday exercises

Exercises or even stretches help your body to relax and get ready for a sound sleep pattern. The workout routine makes you tired and ready to sleep early.


Yes, it is definitely an advantage if you hop out of bed as early as you can. Although different people have different time schedules, so there is no compulsion which time is early for you. It can be 4, 5, 6 or even 7 ‘o’clock. 

To get up early means to create a schedule before everyone is awake. Also, rising before or with the sun proffers you time to look at your day ahead and prepare for the tasks beforehand.

Recall the study that proves how shifting your sleep cycle an hour before and getting up an hour earlier can enhance your brain activities and reduces the risk of depression.

However, a suitable amount of sleep is very well required to have a productive day ahead.

Moreover, it is consistency that wins over time. People might have a different time to wake up and get to sleep. What we actually need is to follow a set schedule daily.

An article of scientific reports published in 2017 shows that people who are irregular to their time and schedules tend to have delayed circadian rhythm and lower academic performance.

The study also indicated how sleep irregularity leads to delayed sleep timing and extended day sleep. Therefore, it is crucial to get a set schedule and stick to it as much as you can.

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