Weight gain foods list to include in your diet plan for faster weight gain

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Weight gain foods list to include in your diet plan for faster weight gain

A weight gain foods list is a must to achieve an ideal weight through healthy eating. Therefore, a healthful diet plan is crucial to health.

For underweight people, doctors always recommend a healthy weight gain plan. Because being underweight can also be a reason for some diseases. Moreover, several disciplines like bodybuilding, acting, and athletes include more weight than usual by building muscles.

Still, for some people, weight gain is as challenging as weight loss for others. Instead of eating ruthlessly, it is better to improve your weight healthily. 

Although the only intake of calories cannot control the weight store in the body, indulge in some workout to increase lean muscle mass in the body. 

Include healthy foods in your daily diet that promotes weight gain. Here are some of these foods to include in your weight gain foods list.

healthy weight gain diet


Milk has proved to be a considerate option for weight gainers for decades. It is a reliable source of protein and fat as well. 

Furthermore, it is a good source of calcium that improves bone strength. Vitamins and minerals present in milk contribute to best to your health. Milk can also serve you both whey protein and casein to increase your muscle mass. 

You should include milk in your daily snack before or after workouts. It is a healthy way to increase your mass when combined with a considerable amount of exercise.

Milk is a good source of protein. Further, this weight gain supplement ensures better protein synthesis & anabolic response before bed. To gain weight, have dairy products with a desirable amount of fat combined with calories. 

Moreover, strength training with some additional calorie intake is the best companion of milk for weight loss. 

You can also add some handful of nuts, healthy dry fruits to increase its effect to increase weight. 

Remember not to eat much when it’s too close to bedtime. It could harm your body & weight as well.


Nuts are a perfect choice for gaining weight as they are nutrient-dense. Every day a handful of nuts could provide you much of the protein and fats required for adding muscle mass.

These dry fruits are nutrient-dense and high-calorie fruit that promotes healthy weight gain. 

Also, they are found high in fats, antioxidants, & micronutrients, which could cover almost all your daily required nourishments.

Nut butter is also delicious and helpful in increasing muscle mass. Moreover, you can have nut butter with smoothies, yogurt to increase your calorie intake with healthy nutrients.


Banana, being healthy filled with lots of nutrients, is a remedial fruit to gain weight. Banana shakes are always suggested to underweight people to increase their body mass, including nutrients.

Additionally, This weight gain food contains healthy carbs that aid in building mass & fibers that improve metabolism. Banana is full of healthy carbs along with plenty of minerals & vitamins to keep you energized. 

Moreover, doctors recommend having bananas in the morning, either raw or blended, before or after exercise to obtain its benefits.

Though, the blended banana is loved by all. You can also add several nuts, dry fruits, honey to increase its nutrition level and make it delicious. 

Even if you are suffering from a prolonged illness, it’s one healthy way to recover the digestive system along with nutrition.


Avocados are a good source of healthy fats. This fruit is a calorie-dense food like dry fruits, nuts that promote weight gain. 

Adding avocadoes in your diet meals like omelets or whole-grain bread would ensure weight gain along with nutrients. This healthy green food is rich in nutrients, minerals, & several beneficial plant compounds. 

One avocado contains 250-300 calories & 23-gram fat. Additionally, avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids that tend to reduce cholesterol levels & inflammation.

Moreover, one serving of avocados provides 2 grams of dietary fiber that helps constipation and aids metabolism.

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5.Portions of cereal

Healthy cereals are an excellent combination of carbs, calories & nutrients. Though, whole grain cereals have a plethora of health benefits. 

Cereals are high in unsaturated fats that provide healthy calories with many carbs. They are staples in an everyday diet like wheat, barley, oats, which are proved healthful.

Always avoid the cereals with refined grains or added sugar. Also, whole grain cereals & oats contain healthy fibers and antioxidants. Some cereal bars could also be a healthy option for a weight gain plan. 

They are favorable as weight gain snacks before and after a workout, especially when combined with a healthy protein source like milk, yogurt, eggs. 

Besides healthy whole grains, you may also try cereal bars containing different healthy ingredients like dried fruits, nuts, or seeds.

6.Whole grain

Whole-grain foods apart from just grains are much healthier. They are more nutritious & fibrous, which is a good sign for your body. Also, the whole grain is a good source of carbs to help weight gain.

Whole grain serves an ample amount of carbs and unbeatable taste when combined with protein sources like eggs, cheese. Always remember that whole grains have healthy carbs with many calories to help you gain weight. 

These whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that exalt the feeling of fullness for a long & promote weight gain. Also, some are added with seeds and provide you extra health perks than just weight gain.

7.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that provide health benefits to your skin, hair and reduces the aging process. Like any weight gain foods, dark chocolates have a high-calorie density that promotes weight gain.

Each bar contains calories six times its mass added with micronutrients. Dark chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants, including catechins & polyphenols, which aid the cardiovascular system. 

Although many studies reflect the weight-loss effects of dark chocolate, that still vary on the quantity we eat. 

Moreover, a moderate quantity helps lower cholesterol levels & blood pressure, improves HDL, LDL, & insulin sensitivity. 

Furthermore, these cocoa-derived antioxidants promote muscle & capillary formation. Make sure they are free of added sugar & calories.

8.Cheese & yogurt

Let’s take a look at another weight gain food rich in calories & fats, cheese. Cheese, one of the top favorite foods for food lovers, is also a good source of protein when taken in large quantities. 

You can easily add cheese into as many dishes as you like to add extra calories with better taste. Also, cheese is a good source of calcium. 

To increase weight, one should go for full-fat cheese to gain weight healthily. 

Similarly, full-fat yogurt is another convenient weight gain snack. This nutritional food serves a well-balanced mixture of fat, protein & carbs. 

You can have yogurt with several other healthy foods like dry fruits, granola, berries, and chocolate to get a variety of healthy snacks.

eggs to gain weight

9.Whole eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein and are so versatile that they promote muscle building process. 

This healthy food is a healthy combination of fats & protein. Whole eggs are the best choice to gain weight unless you have an intolerance to eggs.

Whole eggs are rich in calories as well as healthy dietary fats to improve weight gain. Also, they provide a broader range of nutrients.

10.Healthy fats

If you are looking for weight gain, healthy fats could help you better than any other weight gain foods. Every spoon of healthy fats includes around 135 calories in your diet. 

Healthy dietary fats also control cholesterol levels, but too much could cause opposite effects on your health. Mainly, monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats fall under the category of healthy fats. 

Such fats prevent the risk of heart disease, stroke, inflammation, lowers blood pressure & triglycerides associated with heart diseases. 

Source of such satiating source includes olive, sesame, sunflower, nuts, soybean, tofu, peanut butter, avocados, coconut & omega-3s. Remember to avoid processed & unhealthy fat components.


The simple procedure to gain weight is eating more calories than required. Avoid unhealthy and processed food. Make sure what you are eating contributes to your health. 

Along with eating, ensure strength training to build muscles that promote muscle mass to gain weight. Avoid foods with processed calories and added sugar to provide a healthy treat to the body. Also, frequent eating could increase the amount of calorie intake. 

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