Beginner strength training exercises at home and benefits

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Beginner strength training exercises at home and benefits

Beginner strength training exercises (also known as resistance training) use resistance to build muscle mass, for example, a dumbbell, your body weight, or any other equipment. 

Strength training increases the proportion of lean muscle throughout the body, which is found responsible for weight loss as it helps burning extra calories than any other tissue.

However, some weight losses are due to loss of muscle mass, which is totally unfit for your health. That is why it is a crucial exercise that supports healthy weight loss and maintains fit muscle mass.

Some researchers also believe that one can lose weight easily and quickly by other methods, but to make it sustainable for long, one should maintain a proportion of lean muscle mass.

It is quite natural to lose muscle mass with the passing age. Thus, it is beneficial to perform resistance exercises to build strength for any basic tasks like carrying weight, cleaning, or gardening.

The initial requirements for beginner strength training exercises

Beginner strength training exercises could seem difficult to many people. But it is helpful in several ways. Since practice provides muscle mass, burns several calories, strengthens bones, heals joints, improves endurance, and builds strength that further reduces risks for other workouts.

For better and faster results, it is good to combine strength exercises with cardioThis reduces the risk of injury while performing resistive exercises.

cardio exercise
However, you should only opt it when you want to lose weight or increase muscle strength at a faster rate. The beginner strength training exercises might help you for an easy start, and you may switch to weighty workouts when you become a pro.  

First of all, when you want to start strength training, you must start practicing it with your body weight to make it pretty simple.

Because starting with heavier weight, in the beginning, increases the risk of injuries during workouts. Thus, your first and foremost priority should begin with mild and easy exercises that make you sound and fit.

Some exercises make you training ready, like squats, push or pulls, core strengthening exercises, planks, etc.

Beginner strength training exercises

Strength training works for your whole body. It includes some strain so that it helps increase your strength and makes you capable of performing regular heavy tasks.

It improves your functional strength, responsible for efficient working for a whole day.

Here are some strength training exercises that are beneficial for all, whether it is man or woman:

1. Overhead Squat

For the overhead squat, you require to lift a little heavy bag during the whole practice.

You have to hold a bag overhead and hold it with either of your hand while performing the whole exercise. Firstly stand straight and your legs a little wider than shoulder distance.

Keep your back straight and bent your knees down as to sit on a small chair. Continue to bend downward till your hips are parallel to the knees.

Hold the stage for 1 second and return to the straight position as before. 

If you are unable to reach parallel to your knees. Then, practice it with the help of the wall to practice accordingly.

over head squat

After mastering ascension, you may move to a heavier weight but ensure such exercises with your fitness advisors to prevent possible injuries.Don’t exert too much pressure; it could cause a strain in your body.

2. Crunches

Lie on a smooth and hard surface with your back on the ground, straight. Bend your knees and put your hand behind your head. It will be the starting position of the exercise.

Contract your abdominal muscles and pull the belly button inwards while moving your shoulder towards your knees.

Don’t pull your neck with your hands, rather just keep your hands as simple and still as possible.

After holding the position for some time, get back to the state as before, and count one repetition.

You will feel a slight burn in the core muscles because of burning calories or fat and building muscles.

Once you gain expertise in the exercise, you can increase your number of repetitions.  

3. Deadlifts

Stand straight in an erect position. This is the starting position in the exercise.

Bend your knees and move downwards till you reach a squat position. When you arrive at this position, without holding the state, return to your starting form at a firm pace.

Remember to perform this exercise without any jerk as it may cause injury in your back or legs. 

However, a small amount of velocity is required to strengthen your core muscles and burn fat.

For improving leg and core muscles, you can practice 10-12 repetitions a day. It requires little effort than any other exercise.

4. Push-ups

At starting, keep your hands and feet on the floor, your hands a little wider than the shoulder distance width. Keep your back straight and parallel to the floor. Consider it as the starting position of the exercise.

Now, bend your arms until your chest is about to touch the floor. Hold the position for some time and push the floor back to attain the starting position.

This is one repetition. To add more intensity to the workout, you can add weight to your back. You should start with a book and try to keep your back straight. Don’t put much weight as it would ruin your posture.

strength training
push-ups-for strength-training

5. Hammer curl

In the starting position, hold a hot water jug in your hands by the sides. Keep your arms straight and parallel to each other.

Now, contract your biceps and pull the jug with the help of your forearms. When your hands, holding the container, touches your chest. Stop for a while, and keep the position.

Lower the jug (container) back slowly to the starting position. Consider it a repetition. And also, practice 5-10 repetitions a day to build up your biceps.

Weight gain through strength training exercises

Have you ever experienced a weight gain during any health training, particularly strength training?

Weight training can help you gain weight. If you practice it daily, it improves your strength and muscle mass, which results in weight gain.

The weight you gain is not due to any fat content but is just a symptom of increased strength and muscle mass.

You may include it in a healthy weight category because there is a reduced level of fat deposition and other benefits like a healthy cholesterol level, improved blood pressure, and helps you live a healthy life for long.

While practicing such strength exercises, your muscles start to gain more space, which also helps with your posture and makes you look good.

However, it takes a month or so to improve your muscle mass throughout the body. Despite other ways, it proves to be healthy and long-lasting to be fit.

To confirm, whether it is a fat deposition or muscle mass, you may have a body fat percentage calculation. I bet you the results would be in favor and healthful.

Strength training provides an improvement in your health, body posture, and physical appearance. So, just include it in your healthy routine!

How it affects your weight 

The most vital element, water, contributes to your weight. You might have noticed a weight reduction when you shed a lot of water during the workout sessions or heavy physical work.

When we have a salty meal, our body tends to restrict water, which causes an increase in weight. That’s why it is said to wait for some time after a meal, to drink water.

It is found that there can be some fluctuations in weight due to water retention as opposed to water loss through the body. 

However, it is also mandatory to be hydrated as there should be an efficient amount of water.


excessive stress in strength training

Stress could be the reason for improper weight. It can be a consequence of heavy workout sessions or could be workplace stress.

Stress hormones produced by the body lead to water or fluid retention that further increases weight.

Sometimes instead of fluid retention, stress makes us overeat that causes excess calorie intake than required, and causes weight gain.

Lack of sleep may also stress you out and causes the above-stated malfunctions. One should opt for a healthy and refreshing schedule that freshens up your mind and helps your physical and mental ascension.

You may perform yoga, some meditation activities, walk to the park, listening to music, or anything which lifts your mood.

Remember to have a healthy and creative weekend break from a stressed week, which helps you be more creative and productive. And try not to overexert your body and mind.  


There is a list of excuses that make you put on weight. It could be hormone secretion, stress, excess sodium intake, and water retention.

Sometimes inept eating habits or lifestyle also sways our health and weight. Therefore, it is mandatory to take part in a healthy lifestyle and exercise for our betterment.

In addition to measuring tape, include some other measures to track your fitness level. These measures could be adequate blood sugar level, blood pressure level, cholesterol, happy joints, and proper functioning of all body parts.


However, it is good to have little treats when you work so hard to push yourself. But it should be limited so that it doesn’t affect your fitness and let go of your work in vain.

One can have as much ‘healthy’ food as possible. You should prefer a diet that you can easily digest. Additionally, prevent eating fast food as all are considered unhealthy calories and just ruins your health.

To ensure your healthy diet, watch your calorie intake instead of eating blindly. Eat homemade food, as it is clean, natural, nourishing, and improves your attention for eating.

You can look for an eating schedule per week to maintain a balanced diet and provide you a gift of fitness lifelong.  

vegan diet for strength

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Strength training: a better solution 

Beginner strength training exercises help people lose weight, gain weight, or even maintain a healthy weight. It depends on the lifestyle you opt for yourself.

A good standard of living combined with prompt exercises leads to great fitness treasure.

Strength training, however, burns fats and increases muscle mass, which leads to burning more calories. Thus, it reduces fat deposition, which is responsible for obesity, cardio problems, and diabetes.

Additionally, this prevents several chronic diseases as it helps to build the immune system.

Muscle tissues better burn calories than fat tissues since it requires lots of energy. It also improves the metabolic rate of an individual who practices it regularly.

It is the best exercise for those who want to gain muscle as well as weight. If you are a lean person and want to add some muscle mass and strength. Then it is probably the thing you were looking for.

To put on some weight have a healthy amount of diet with such exercise. So, give it a try, wish it turns to be in your favor.  

Strength training for weight loss

Before starting, some strength training tips or a doc’s advice might help you extract better results.

If you have a good state of the medical condition, it is beneficial to practice some exercise. But if you feel uncomfortable at any stage, stop immediately.

The below content reflects more about how to lose weight through strength training:

1. Move as much as possible

It is crucial to move here and there sometimes. Because sitting in one place makes you obese and simultaneously works as an invitation to served health problems.

You might have noticed that obese people likely to have very little activity. Whether due to much weight or less movement be a cause of weight gain.

2. Walk every day

The walk is necessary for health. You may find it interesting that just a brisk walk can help you a lot with being on a healthy schedule. It may be walking from one place to another.

walking for strength

According to some experts, it is beneficial to have 40 minutes walk every day to accelerate your fitness level.

One can do it on a treadmill or a sidewalk. But if you want to get more out of it, then a morning walk through nature like in park, garden, green backyard, are better places for you.

3. Weight Session

If you are a beginner, try to have some warm-up before directly going to weight lifting or any other heavy activity, it prevents injuries.

The great thing to perform such an activity is a dumbbell. You can simply perform it at the gym or home.

You may easily have a set of lifting dumbbells between other activities like roaming here and there, watching TV, listening to music, etc.

4. Eat healthily

Your diet needs to restrict calorie intake so that it reduces weight rather than increasing. It also helps fat reduction and improves muscular health.

fresh food for strength

Here are some healthy eating plans that help you get essential nutrients and sufficient energy to fuel you up:

  • Prefer eating low-carb food items with high-fat foods. Also, reduce the number of animal fats as it increases some sort of fat in the body.
  • Avoid refined and unhealthy carbs, including sugary food like biscuits, cake, soft drinks, white bread, etc.
  • A low-carb diet should not be eliminated; rather it should be kept to a moderate amount in your daily meal.
  • Bring on healthy dairy fats like cheese, yogurt, milk products, etc. It could help you with healthy nutrient proportions.
  • Include whole food items like cereals, bread, and wheat, along with lots of veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds.
  • Try vegetarian food as much as possible as it proves to be healthier and disease-free. Additionally, minimize the use of fast food and grab only healthy stuff to be on a safer side.

Also, try different weight loss diet plans to accelerate your weight loss process, like a low carb dietintermittent fasting, vegan diet plan.

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