Natural immunity boosters to help you fight diseases

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Natural immunity boosters to help you fight diseases

Natural immunity boosters could effectively prevent several chronic as well as severe diseases to much extent. Moreover, it helps our body function and serves our overall health status.

The clean and hygienic surrounding contributes a great defense against diseases. Along with this, working on the inner shield is evenly crucial.

foods to boost immunity

Some little amendments to your daily routine would rate up to your body’s natural defense. Let’s take a look at the natural immunity boosters to build immunity.

1. Get Quality Sleep

Getting 8 hrs of sleep could not be that satisfying if it doesn’t include quality of sleep. Quality sleep is more beneficial than quantity of sleep. For quality sleep, about 5 hrs are enough to stimulate the body and mind. 

Remember, if you’ve had enough of your physical and mental workouts and feel exhausted. Then, as soon as you get to bed, you sleep. This aspect reflects a sense of quality sleep.

However, good quality sleep serves pretty well among natural immunity boosters. Instead, people going through incompetent quality sleep are at higher risk of getting ill. An individual’s immunity power depends on adequate rest. Importantly, sick people need to have enough rest or sleep to get rid of illness and boost their immunity.

Adults, elders, and children require different rest schedules to follow in accordance to raise immunity power. As kids need 8-10 hrs of sleep every day, adults should get sleep of 7 or more hrs on the whole day. 

However, you can try some sleep tips, including sleeping in a dark room, using a sleep mask, exercising every day, as it would help you sleep faster. You may try sleeping at the same time every night to set your body’s natural sleep cycle. A natural sleep cycle helps to get a perfect routine for the day. 

sleep for immunity

2. Eat natural immunity boosters Foods

Whole plant foods are said to be rich in nutrients and antioxidants that prevent harmful pathogens for you. Eat seasonable fruits, almost all sorts of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes to nourish the body. The antioxidants help decreases inflammation by combating free radicals that are responsible for inflammation in your body.

However, certain diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, and certain types of cancer could lead to inflammation. Besides, vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C can reduce the risk of a common cold. 

Furthermore, fiber-rich plant-based foods are useful for your healthy gut bacteria. It helps improve your immunity power and fight harmful microbes that could enter through digestive tracks.

Moreover, include some moderate exercises like cardio, walking few meters, cycle riding, or yoga in at least a week. Physical activity would help you feel active. 

And organizing your day would help you be more productive in many ways. Eating, more than our capacity, makes us pass out as the body works immensely to digest the food. However, those who eat according to time and work are generally more productive and active.

3. Reduce Sugar Intake

It’s a proven fact that added sugar or refined carbs contribute to obesity. Furthermore, obesity and overweight increase the risk of getting sick. 

Besides, restricting your sugar intake can also decrease inflammation, helping weight loss. Therefore, these healthy habits help you reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases.  

Immunity boosting can be influenced by limiting sugar intake. Eating much sugar weakens our immunity system. Moreover, it serves disease-causing bacteria as an energy supplier. 

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and healthy weight to prevent diseases.

Maintaining a healthy weight also benefits our immune system. Obesity and overweight can increase the risk of infections like pneumonia and the risk of influenza.

However, whole plant-based foods are effective weight loss foods. Because they are rich in fiber that satiates hunger, reducing the amount of calorie intake.

4. Move and Exercise Regularly 

Unlike intense exercise, moderate exercise is beneficial to your immune system. Such moderate exercise involves general walking, cycle riding, etc.

exercise for immune system

People should practice 2-3 hrs of moderate physical movement or exercise per week. Nowadays, we can overcome many diseases using vaccines. 

Studies show that even the effects of the vaccine are impressive when followed with some moderate exercise. 

Moreover, regular performance of physical exercise also reduces inflammation and helps regenerate your immune cells. 

Exercises push away harmful bacteria from the lungs. The practice of physical activities helps build white blood cells, which improve our immune system in response.

When we exercise, our body temperature rises and provides an unfavorable condition for the growth of pathogens. This phenomenon decreases the risk of introducing diseases. Furthermore, meditation and yoga help release stress and anxiety promoting the overall health of individuals.

5. Elevate Emotional Health

Emotional health can contribute to your physical as well as mental health. Therefore, it is a great choice concerning natural immunity boosters. People should reduce their stress and anxiety to build their immune systems. 

Researchers indicate that for some people suffering from prolonged psychological stress suppresses their immune system and causes illnesses like headaches, mild fever, and stomach aches. Similarly, long-term anxiety and depression promote inflammation and cause imbalances in immune cell function. 

Stress and depression break your emotional health that directly affects your lifestyle, eating habits, and various healthy secretions. Hence, it’s needed to keep your mind safe from such harm. 

Low-level inflammation is a normal response to stress or injury. Though prolonged sickness may have adverse effects on your immune system.

The perfect ways to improve your emotional strength are practicing meditation, yoga, exercise, pranayama, or being positive. Likewise, if talking to your family or friends, whichever motivates you, do it. Nowadays, you may also seek help from some therapists to monitor your influences.

emotional health and immunity

6. Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon are beneficial for decreasing inflammation. Thus, it results in increased immune power. 

Additionally, eating low fat can prove to be protective. Researches indicate that oils or fats in surplus may impair white blood cell functions. This may affect our gut bacteria that also aid immunity.

Yet, some healthy fats like olive oil, high anti-inflammatory, help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes, fighting off harmful bacteria or viruses. 

Prevent overdose of fats in your meal. This would lead to weight gain or even obesity.

Besides, ensure to burn the fat you consume. That way, healthy fats are helpful for your health.

7. Eat Probiotic and Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are perceived as rich in helpful (good) bacteria called probiotics or gut bacteria that fight off harmful invaders through our digestive tract. 

Researchers suggest flourishing gut bacteria could empower your immune system as they could better differentiate good and bad bacteria (or invaders). 

You should include foodstuffs like yogurt, lassi, sauerkraut, natto, kimchi, kefir, curd, smoothies, and much-fermented food items.

Fermented foods and probiotics assist our immunity empowering gut bacteria and removing harmful pathogens.

Time for a BONUS!! 

8. Drink lot’s of water

Hydration doesn’t surely kill pathogens, yet it could help build your immunity power. It strengthens other favorable factors like preventing dehydration, maintaining enough body temperature, and removing waste products from our body.

So, to prevent dehydration, you should drink around 7-8 glasses of fluid daily. You can always identify your hydration level through your pee- pale yellow color indicates hydrated, whereas a bit concentrated-yellow indicates a dehydrated body. 

Furthermore, dehydration can increase susceptibility to illness. It could hinder several body functions like digestion, heart & kidney functions, and brain functions.

fruit juice

Although fruit juice or tea, especially green tea, is also considered hydrating, they could contain some additives like sugar, artificial color, or tastes. Thus, they could be restricted to improve your health benefits. 

Seldom, people generally don’t feel the urge to drink, mostly older adults. So importantly, drink a glass of water every 2-3 hrs. You can also adjust the time if you increase or decrease the amount (of water intake). Ultimately, you should drink a sufficient amount of water to fulfill body requirements.

So, let’s have a healthy walk of life by adapting some relevant lifestyle tips to strengthen the immune system. Remember, health is the first & foremost key to a happy and successful life.

However, the addressed strategies would boost your immunity. It may not guarantee complete defense from diseases. If you have any health issues or allergies to any food supplement, try to avoid it. Also, don’t forget to consult your doctors/health experts before practicing the above immunity-boosting tips.

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