Low Carb Meal Plan: Why follow a low carb diet plan? 

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Low Carb Meal Plan: Why follow a low-carb diet plan? 


A low-carb meal plan includes a reduction in carbohydrates that is responsible for weight gain. Carbohydrates are mainly found in sweets, sugar products, and bread.


A low-carb meal plan focuses on a high protein, fat, and healthy vegetables along with restricted carbs. Its enormous variety help weight loss.


Most importantly, the diet is proved to be healthy for everyone, women or men, children or adults, anyone can be benefited from the diet.


Due to its great variety, you may adjust your meals according to your health, weight, your regular workout sessions, and majorly on how much you want to lose weight.


Here are some foods to eat and some to avoid during this diet plan. This food list provides you the outlines of the diet.

yogurt and berries

How Many Carbs are required in Low-Carb Diet



Intake of restricted and healthy calories plays a dominant role in reducing weight. It is the most effective way to lose weight.


It leads to a supple and healthy decrease in appetite and results in weight loss without counting calories.


Moreover, you can lose weight while being full and satiated, which is good for your mood and health.




According to some nutrition experts, carbs include 40% to 60% of calories in a regular diet.


Thus, if you want to lose weight, you have to cut down the number of carbs in your daily meal since it contributes a large part to the meal.


They also say, eating 50 to 150 grams of carbs is enough to make you lose weight faster.


However, it depends on how much weight you want to lose and what your health conditions are.


The low-carb meal plan has shown higher results and is found to be more effective than high-carb diet plans for weight loss.


The low carb diet plan confines the number of carbs and its source food like sugar, starch, including bread, pasta, etc.


It emphasizes a healthful intake of protein, fats, and healthy vegetables, which includes much fiber content and is desirable for resolving several health issues.


Several studies show that a low-carb diet makes you eat fewer calories, which results in a reduction in appetite and leads to healthy weight loss effortlessly.


Moreover, according to some researchers, a low-carb meal is more fruitful than a low-fat diet and resulted in weight loss with a huge difference.

food and measuring tape


Hence, to lose weight immediately, a low-carb meal plan could be fit for you.


Apart from weight loss, a low-carb diet contributes to improving the health of a person.


Still, a low-fat diet is recommended by many people, and they say that it is much healthier than other diets.


However, the scientific fact supports that there should be an appropriate amount for all food contents, above which it could be involved in excess.





There is no ideal amount of carb intake because as health varies, the requirement of calories varies. The calorie need for a person may not be appropriate for another.


Several factors control the need for optimal carbohydrates for a person that may be age, gender, activity levels, food culture, body composition, metabolism, and personal preference.


People who are indulged in high physical activity, as weight lifting, intensive workouts, have much capacity to hold on to loads of carbs and may have appreciable metabolism and muscle mass, as well.


That is why a healthy metabolic rate is a countable factor in losing weight. The metabolic rate may fix many health diseases and your ability to fight them.


People having low metabolic rate or suffer metabolic syndrome cannot tolerate more calorie intakes than one with a healthy metabolic rate.


If health is your most critical approach, you might remove unhealthy carb sources that include refined wheat or other processed foods and added sugar.


They are responsible for many serious health problems, and once removed from your diet, you could see progress in health and improvement in lifestyle factors.


For improved metabolism and healthy digestion, you should include more fiber contents in your diet as they improve your digestion, reduce bloating, and contributes to less calorie intake.

low carb meal plan - oats


The best weight loss meal includes healthy soups, make you eat fewer calories along with other health benefits.   


Healthy and active lifestyle 


People who are active and fit and want to maintain a healthy weight should include a moderate intake of calories, about 100 to 150 grams of carbs per day.


However, it proves to be a great weight loss diet, but you may also need to count calorie consumption for an appreciable amount of weight reduction.


You may also opt for some weight loss exercises like cardiocycling, or swimming.


Now, what type of carb should we include? An easy answer could be:


  • Eat all vegetables to keep you satiate and nourished for long
  • Many different fruits to help your metabolism and nutrients
  • Some amount of starch along with healthy grains like oats


Sedentary lifestyle



Some people are sensitive to carbs and have to control more amount of carbs consumption to lose weight. 


If you consider yourself into such a group, then a carb range from 50 – 100 grams per day would be appropriate for you. 


You can easily or say effortlessly maintain a healthy weight on this diet plan.


It is mandatory to have a diet of plenty of vegetables having a variety of colors and nutrients.


However, fruits can easily replace carbs whenever you feel hungry and want a little refreshment. 

Moreover, starch sources are reduced to a minimal quantity to reduce weight.


low carb meal plan - muesli


Induce metabolic benefits



Now, let’s talk about a diet that is considered quite good for health as it improves your metabolism. 


People who are obese or have diabetes can opt for this range of low-carb diets. It also makes you lose weight quickly and improves digestion or metabolic rate. 


It follows a simple rule that your diet should include 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day. 


Since your carb intake becomes less than 50 grams, your body enters the state of ketosis, where energy is drawn from ketones. 


This is somewhat reducing your appetite to a minimum volume, and this results in faster weight loss. 


For such a diet, you might include plenty of low-carb vegetables. Fruits list may also involve small servings like berries. But, remember to reduce your carb intake to a minimum. 


However, it’s a low-carb diet, not a no-carb diet. Interestingly, there are plenty of low-carb foods that you can count on. It’ll be fun and to have such foods that don’t make you gain weight. 


Due to the difference in lifestyle and health conditions, it is hard to choose an ideal diet because a diet that fits a person may or may not suit other people. 


We must understand, we all are different and need a diverse amount of nutrients to fulfill our daily basics. 


Additionally, if you have any other medical conditions, you must ask a doctor before such a diet plan. And should follow the diet as prescribed by them. 


Low-Carb Meal Plan Foods 



A low-carb diet focuses on weight loss and improving one’s health. That’s why the diet omits processed and refined carbs and emphasizes healthy carb sources. 


Try to choose healthy carb sources with plenty of fiber contents. It improves digestion and reduces bloating.

low carb meal plan breakfast


A moderate carb intake may include starchy foods like potatoes, brown rice, oats, and sweet potatoes. 


Refined, processed, and sugar-added foods are bad options for a diet. That’s either should be limited or should be avoided. 






One should avoid some food contents while following a low-carb diet plan to lose weight.


1) Sugar – Sugary substances contain many calories that quickly get deposit beneath the skin and cause weight gain.


They also make you eat frequently and are unhealthy for you. These food items include soft drinks, artificial fruit juices, candy, ice-cream, and other products that contain added sugar.


2) Refined grains – Many refined products available in the market contain an excess of unfit calories. Since they are processed several times, the product contents become harmful and toxic for health.


3) Trans-fats – These are fat obtained from hydrogenated or sometimes partially hydrogenated oils. They neither taste well nor serve as good or healthy fats. 


These fats are considered artificial that have adverse effects on your health. Thus, you should avoid such trans-fat products.


4) Diet and low-fat products – Several dietary products claim to contain low-fat and healthy diet items. 


But they also contain a high amount of added sugar or sometimes other unhealthy calories as refined grains that result in deteriorating health fitness rather than improving it.


5) Highly processed food – Such foods resemble factory products and are unhealthy due to refined ingredients. Processing of food kills the nutrients in the goods and makes it quite unfit for health. 


Several dieticians recommend not to eat such food to improve health conditions or recover from diseases.


6) Starchy vegetables – Merely cutting down the calories do not work for weight loss. Thus, it is also recommended to reduce the number of starchy veggies to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it.

low carb fruits




A whole food diet makes your food content very healthy and helpful in sustaining weight. 

Besides, you should try to choose unprocessed as well as unrefined food items. 


  • Lean meats 
  • Fish 
  • Eggs 
  • Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and rapeseed oil
  • Fruits like apples, strawberries, blueberries 
  • Unsweetened dairy products, plain whole milk, and plain Greek yogurt
  • As sweet use honey, jaggery 
  • Green leafy veggies 
  • Nuts, dry fruits, and seeds 
  • Cauliflower and broccoli
  • Cream like sour cream, heavy cream should also include cheese and butter


A low carb diet reduces your insulin level in your blood, responsible for storing fat in your body. 


Some researches show that a low-carb diet is very effective at reducing fats. For instance, abdominal fat and also increases muscle mass in the body. 


I hope you find the content worth reading and helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it safe to follow a low carb diet?

Since carbs are essential and quick sources of an energy diet low in carbs can be impactful. Therefore, a low carb diet is beneficial when you have to achieve short-term goals; For instance, losing weight, improving blood sugar levels. Otherwise, it is not advisable to follow as they may cause side effects.
Besides, you should perceive that complex carbs like fibres are healthy for your guts and metabolism.
On the other hand, simple carbs found, in sugar or starch, in processed foods are not nutritious and can be replaced with healthy food items.
Moreover, every person has different health status and composition, which leads to complexity while shifting a diet plan. Thus, do consult a doctor or health expert to ensure better fitness.

2) What do I eat on a low carb diet?

Fresh food items that are low in simple carbs are beneficial for a low carb diet plan. Simple carbs mainly include sugary and starchy foods. Furthermore, complex carbs like fibres are helpful for your digestive system.

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