Importance Of Water For Health | How Is Water Essential For Health?

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Importance Of Water For Health | How Is Water Essential For Health?



                                                                                                                     Water which makes 70% of the body contents, can be a boon for our health! Several pieces of research show the importance of water for health that we generally do not even consider in diet plays an essential role in our health and weight.   As per many dieticians, water can help us relieve several health problems. We should have little hot water every day. It provides several benefits to improve blood circulation, prevent overeating, and detoxify our bodies.
importance of water for health

Importance Of Water For Health

Water not only keeps us fit but also keeps us clean. When it comes to clean, that does not mean only outer perspective but from inside also. In Indian sculptures, many kriyas are described, also known as Shatkarmas, to detoxify the body. Also, these kriyas beautify oneself as it removes all the harmful contents from the body and makes it all clear. According to Hindu mythology, there are six karmas called Shatkarmas – Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti, Kapalbhati, and tratak. Water is used in Neti to purify the air pipe near the head. Dhauti is a similar method to keep the body fit and immuned by cleaning the digestive system. To increase air circulation, we should perform pranayamas and breathing exercises. Similarly, when we say about blood circulation besides yoga, drinking lukewarm water helps the most.
Water is a crucial component to regulate normal functions of the body. Some major of them are:
  1. Generates saliva: Water is vital to produce saliva as it is the main component of saliva. Saliva plays a significant role in breaking down the food while eating. It also helps us gulp in the well-chewed food. Additionally, drinking adequate water helps saliva combat germs in our mouth and prevent bad breath.
  2. Assists Heart pumps: Pumping blood becomes a tedious task for our heart when water content goes low. Therefore, water intake serves the organ enough fluidity to conduct the functions and prevents muscular resistivity.
  3. Enhances nutrients’ consumption: Some minerals and vitamins like B and C are water-soluble and absorbed by the body through water content. Additionally, water itself is a source of some minerals.
  4. Prevents health conditions: Water is essential to avert certain health conditions like kidney stones, constipation. Besides, dehydration can be a cause of several health problems like nosebleeds, nausea.
  5. Aids bowel system: A glass of water early in the morning detoxifies the bowel system. It helps refresh the organs to regulate their functions efficiently. Plus, drinking enough water with lemon, honey, mint rejuvenates your system.


Scientifically, water cleans us from inside. Apart from this, water intake in a day also influences our body and skin moisture and provides us a beautiful glow. Here are some helpful tips that you could follow:
One should start his/her day with lots of water. That means we should drink as much water as we can. It helps clean up your system, which performed the work all night and required to revive after 6-8 hrs of sleep. Water removes the unwanted wastes from the body and refreshes us at the beginning of the day.
Our elders always say that we should not drink water while having a meal. That is a habit we need to follow because drinking water with, or even just after, the meal would create difficulties in digesting the food properly and can create digestive problems. There should be a difference of at least 20 minutes between the food and water intake. One should not drink water just before or after the meal. It dilutes your digestive enzymes and hinders proper digestion. However, there is no proper study available that confirms either part of the say. Therefore, consult an expert before altering your eating patterns for better health because water with meals considerably influences digestion and acid reflux. 
Instead of drinking a couple of glasses of water together, we should have it in 2-3 sips in some short breaks. When we intake much quantity of water altogether, our body could not hold it and provides adverse effects like pain in joints, weight gain, or could introduce any functional disorder of an organ. You would not come to know it now, but it shows its effect in later parts of life.
water bottle
You should avoid drinking lots of water at night as your body needs rest, and the presence of much water would hinder the process. It wakes you up and further makes you asleep and dull all day. Thus, we should not drink much water at night for sound and healthy sleep.   Having lots of water before eating will feel fuller, making you eat less. As it does not include calories, there is no question about weight loss. Besides, drinking more water purifies our body resulting in healthy and glowing skin, and helps reducing acne problems.   These steps will keep you fit and disease-free. You only have to manage the amount and time of drinking water to improve your metabolism.  

What type of water should we use?

  Water is a beautiful gift to us from nature. We use it for several purposes. Have hot water over the cold! Is that healthy? Or does it hardly make any difference? You know that the water intake in an appropriate amount is necessary, but how should we take water to increase its benefits.   Lukewarm water is a better option to start our day. Start your day with an ample amount of water to refresh your system and boost the functioning. Make sure it is not chilled. The proper amount of lukewarm water cleans our body from the inside and makes it function all day long.   Its efforts could be exaggerated when we have it with lemon. Lemon provides vitamins for the body and removes unwanted contents from the body that revives the system.    Drinking lukewarm water is beneficial as it kills harmful bacteria within us. Lukewarm water also plays a better role in removing or decreasing the effect of diseases.    


  According to researches, Amla with lukewarm water removes many diseases and even makes our skin glow. So does the lemon. Along with refreshing, lemon water also reduces the fat amount in our body and makes us fit. It is that beneficial!  
water with limes and lemons
The advantages do not end here. It also removes unwanted blockages from the body. That simply means lowers heart risks.  


  Water is essential for the digestive system. When there is a lack of water in our body, the body becomes prone to digestive problems like constipation, acidity. Further, it increases the risk of stomach ulcers and heartburn.   Water makes minerals, vitamin B, and C accessible to the body. These components get mixed with water and absorbed by different sections of body parts.   People suffering from kidney stones should have a glass full of lukewarm water regularly. It helps to remove it by dissolution. For better and faster improvements, you can also have honey with it since antioxidants help remove wastes and clean the body.   Related:  Are you trying to look for more healthy tips that help weight loss? Should read- weight loss healthy food  


water for health
Drinking lukewarm water can be adjusted as per comfort since the climate or weather affects body temperature. Thus, you can prefer lukewarm water over cold as well as hot water.    After we have done about the advantages of lukewarm water, we should move to the times when we should avoid it. As there are pros and cons both, it also has some characters to neglect. We should not have lukewarm water during summers, especially in peak months. It may not suit your body temperature. If you live in a cold climate, it’s reasonably ok to have a little hot water.    Despite its advantages, it may have other effects. Having lukewarm water during night sleep could make you awake all night. So, I suggest you not take it while going to sleep.   Related: read what is a balanced diet, about healthy and mindful eating to maintain a nutritional balance in everyday meals    Researches show the importance of lukewarm water for health is way better than chilled water. We should prefer lukewarm water over a cold one for drinking. Coldwater is better in summer when our body requires to cool down its temperature.     I hope you liked our piece of work that we provide you through this blog post. ­­­­

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hydration control blood pressure?

Hydration regulates water content in your blood. Water intake increases the volume by further supplementing fluid in the blood. Eventually, it raises your blood pressure and eases the muscles and organs performing their tasks. Conversely, when dehydrated, your blood pressure decreases due to a lack of fluid and increased muscle resistance. Thus, water intake can help your heart efficiently pumping blood and reach different parts of the body.

How is drinking water beneficial for the heart?

An adequate amount of about 12 glasses of water per day helps dilute our blood by increasing fluid content. Our heart pumps around 2000 gallons of blood every day. Thus, water benefits blood pumping with a suitable drift. Additionally, water intake also influences your cardiac muscles that need water to work smoothly. Every organ, including joints, cartilage, veins, require adequate water to improve their performance. Because water serves lubrication, helps detoxification, and regulates temperature.

How much water should we drink based on body weight?

As water is essential for health and regulating organ functionality, drinking water in sufficient quantity is mandatory. An individual should drink at least one-third to half of your body weight to ensure the health benefits of water. Though this measure may vary in case you indulge in workouts or have a varying weight. In such cases, you can also increase the water consumption to half of your weight.

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