Drinking lime water benefits that you should give a try

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Drinking lime water benefits that you should give a try


Drinking lime water benefits our digestive system, develops immunity, aids weight loss, and improves skin health. Generally, lime and lemon are not the same.

However, both fall into the same family. So, before diving in about lime and lemon. Let us review what lime is.

What is lime?

Limes are citrus fruit, like lemon. But, it is less sour than lemon. They are used to add some flavor to foods. 

A tropical climate is an appropriate region for the fruit. Despite this, limes are now popularly grown in subtropical areas, like India, Mexico, and Egypt. 

Although these vitamin C fruits are quite helpful for remedial purposes. Besides, Supervision is required to manage their long-lasting health benefits.   

A lime can fulfill 32% of an individual’s daily need for vitamin C. However, its juice can provide 22% of the daily requirements.

Also, a round of all seasonal fruits helps to build up health. It reduces the risk of several health problems, which are outcomes of an unhealthy routine.

limewater benefits

Several studies show that consumption of such plant-based food improves our healthy skin, hair, energy. And lime has a significant effect on weight.

Moreover, it protects from the health risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiac problems. Furthermore, they provide additional taste to the food that makes it super delicious.

Since there is an appreciable amount of antioxidants that can fight harmful free radicals, it can decrease the aging process and improves your body functions in return.

The presence of vitamin C demonstrates antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Lime vs Lemon

Both (lemon and lime) are salient sources of vitamin C and are much similar rather than just citrus fruits.

Also, they have some distinctions that make them different from each other. Lemon and lime are two different kinds of fruits though they are closely related.

Lemons are mainly grown in moderate climates, whereas limes are better in tropical regions with some subtropical ones. 

Both of them are found sour and acidic with several advantages like cooking and flavoring, food preservation, etc. Furthermore, they serve as good sanitizers.

Used in household cleanings due to their antibacterial and acidic properties that 

Furthermore, due to their enduring fragrance, they are also used in cosmetics. And the healing traits make it favorable for medicinal purposes.

Lime and lemon nutrition:
CARBS   11 gm 9 gm
CALORIES 30 cal 29 cal

Lime and lemon share all ingredients with very close precision like fiber, fat, protein, iron, etc.
And those which differ have a minimal difference listed in the table to show their accuracy.

Consequently, lemon leads to serving a better quantity of vitamins and minerals. Though limes include more carbs and calories.

They both have importance as citrus fruits. Traditional medicines utilize their medicinal traits. Besides, these citrus fruits are rich sources of antioxidant properties that boost the immunity system.

However, they also possess a high quantity of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that prove to be a boon for us in several health services.

Despite so many similarities, lime and lemon contain some distinct properties that create a difference. The most apparent difference is physical distinctions. Limes are green in color, while lemons possess some bright yellow color.

lemon flavored sweet

Moreover, lime can also be yellow when they ripe. But the difference still exists as lime is round in dimensions than lemon, which is quite bigger than lime and is oval.   

Further, lime and lemon are almost the same in taste. A small difference exists that lime has a slightly bitter taste. Whereas lemon is always sour added with some sweetness in the flavor. 

Since limes are a little bitter, they likely to complement savory dishes. However, as an advantage of being sour and sweet, lemons serve in a large variety of dishes, whether it is salty or sweet.

Besides, exceptions always exist where we can have some different combinations.

Drinking lime water benefits

Water is essential for the human body. It keeps us hydrated and ensures cleaning and maintaining adequate temperature. But is it enough to be hydrated?

Furthermore, our body requires minerals to fill in and remove every deficiency.

People should stay hydrated. A sufficient amount of water content is a very crucial element for our health. 

Yet, the amount of water intake per person varies hugely. According to age, sex, range of their everyday activities, temperature, climate, and several health conditions.

lime water

Instead, sweetened beverages with artificial supplements are inadequate to fulfill the body requirements or even produce severe health impacts. Apart from this, we should include healthy drinks like lime water, juices, freshly prepared smoothies.

It is quite refreshing and full of health benefits. Let’s consider more of what drinking lime water benefits offer:

  • Improves water consumption
  • Promotes appetite
  • Helps better digestion
  • Improvise healthy skin
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Strengthens our immunity
  • Prevents the risk of cancer
  • Reduces the chances of heart problems
  • Maintains blood sugar
  • Limits and dilutes kidney stones
  • Introduces anti-inflammatory properties

Limes are considered a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that are capable of preventing our skin from a free radical reaction. 

Certainly, such free radical reactions are responsible for different health problems like heart diseases, chronic illness, skin diseases, diabetes, etc.

Infect, several forms of cancer can be outcomes of these harmful free radical reactions. 

Antioxidants of limes are highly effective in the reduction and prevention of effects causing the aging process.

Precautions from lime

If you are allergic to some citrus fruits, then it is better to avoid lime. Or keep medical safety if you have some symptoms like heavy breathing, swelling, etc. 

Since lime is acidic, some people get acidic reflux from having such food elements.

To clarify, if taken in excess, people may develop some digestive problems like heartburn, vomiting, nausea, and difficulty eating.

lime slices

Limes are quite acidic. Thus, there is a need to take in a limited amount with conventional counterparts. Limes, having acidic nature, can also harm your teeth and erode your tooth enamel.

That’s why it is necessary to rinse your mouth with plain water after dishes or having a meal.

Lime also contributes to healthy skin and nurtures it with vitamins and minerals. You may even have tried to apply some lime directly on your skin.

Besides, remember that lime is acidic that can easily make your skin more sensitive to UV radiations, especially those who have sensitive and delicate skin.

In conclusion, limes are healthy to eat and use. However, use them with proper counterparts to moderate their effects. Indeed, it never works the same for all.

Therefore, you can have a healthy meal with the addition of lime, though, not all the time. It creates a healthful of a balanced diet.

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