Best Cardio Exercise at home – beginners must appraise

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Best Cardio Exercise at home – beginners must appraise



Cardio exercises are also known as cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. It is beneficial for our lungs and heart. The reason being, performing such exercise cause increased heart rate, which results in better circulation of blood throughout the body. 


Daily cardio exercise at home improves the endurance of individuals, while some look for speed and fragility. As a beginner, it’s good to start with some speedy exercise.


Good inspiration is enough to get on a routine to be fit. One can set up a fitness schedule that controls calories burn, help weight loss, and tone muscles.


The word ‘Cardio’ is familiar to most people who have once initiated their exercise schedule. Cardio exercise at home is beneficial for everyone, whether one wants to lose weight, maintain health, or be fit.


Almost every health authority recommends practicing cardio exercise regularly for at least a few minutes at your convenience. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


People who want to lose weight should include a short time of intensive exercise for 4-5 hours a week to obtain favorable results.


There are many cardio workouts that you can perform anywhere and anytime. However, one must consult their health adviser or doctors before performing any cardio exercise at home.  





Cardio exercise is a rhythmic exercise that helps you burn calories and fat and makes your heart pump faster. 


Even a short stint of practicing cardio exercise benefits people and contributes to their health.


Researchers suggest that practicing cardio exercise for only 10 minutes a day is beneficial for further health consequences.

cardio performing women

How cardio exercise benefits people – can be estimated by pondering the following points:

  • Cardio workouts help burn excess calories and fat contents, which results in weight loss.
  • Increases the heart’s pumping capacity that further prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Improves breath volumes that also help asthma patients to recover their health issues.
  • Averts cardiovascular diseases and additionally avoids high cholesterol, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.
  • It is a recreational activity that usually lifts your mood when dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Cardio exercises tone up our muscles that conclusively improve one’s body image plus boost our confidence.
  • It promotes quality sleep.     


Cardio exercise at home is a very convenient and attractive option to follow. It saves time and money. 

A good cardio workout doesn’t require a large space or any high-tech pieces of equipment.


You can walk in place with a broader range of movement of knees. Since it includes walking at the spot, it involves a small space.


  • Stand in a relaxed position, hands lying around your waist.
  • Lift your leg, alternate to your hand’s movement while walking.
  • Consider it as walking in place, taking your knees up to your waist.

Pros:- This cardio exercise at home burn calories, tone up thigh muscle, strengthen core muscles.


Jumping at the place doesn’t require many tools to handle. It is a fun exercise, including only a pair of shoes when outdoor.

This cardio exercise involves movement of each part of your body, which also increases heart rate.

cardio exercise jumping jack


  • Stand still on the ground, feet little apart.
  • Bend a bit to gain some momentum and jump!
  • Jumping should also include moving your hand up in the air.

Pros:- Jumping burns calories, strengthen leg muscles, and improve heart rate.

People suffering from joint pains and back pain should avoid this exercise. Moreover, it is a high-impact exercise that could strain your joints.


Skipping is a startling cardio exercise, including jumping and coordination at a single time. Several people have it as their most favorite fun time.

The best time for such an exercise is in the morning, and the appropriate place could be any park or garden.


  • Stand erect in place, holding a jump rope in hand.
  • Use wrist movements instead of arm movements to circulate the cord.
  • Take small jumps and land softly to reduce impacts on joints and ankles.

Pros:- Skipping improves heart rate, burns calories, and increases height.


Mountain climbing, as its name suggests, is an intense exercise. It involves the whole body workout. Beginners should start at their pace first and then switch to quick movements.

Mountain climbers need to increase their endurance and improve their heart rate. The wonderful thing is that it does not require any special skills. Just practice can help you be better at this activity.

mountain climbing exercise


  • Lie in a plank position with your palms on the floor and keep your body straight.
  • Move your knee towards your chest, resting hands on the floor.
  • Now switch the leg and repeat the same movement of legs alternatively.

Pros:- This exercise improves endurance, increases heart rate, burn calories, and tone muscles.


Jogging is a great exercise to practice regularly. It just gets your heart rate and proves to be a rigorous workout piece. However, this activity is not as intense as jogging outdoor.

Jogging in place, when seeking little movements, is one of the best active breaks after long hours of sitting.  


  • Stand erect. Keep your body and back straight, tighten your abdominal muscles to ensure a reduction of abdominal fat.
  • Jog the same way in place and keep your pace along with heart rate.

Pros:- This cardio exercise at home improves your heart rate, tones up leg muscles, and works on core muscles.


Staircase steps are more of a repetitive exercise than a coordinative one. A healthy person should always opt for a staircase than going through elevators or lifts.

Staircase steps provide strength training exercises to improve the strength of legs and joints.

cardio exercise at home


  • Move your leg on the steps of the staircase or any fitness step platform.
  • Similarly, move another leg on the step platform and stand erect on it.
  • Now put your recently drawn leg back to its position and follow the movement by the first leg.
  • Repeat the move to some countable sets.  

Pros:- Staircase steps make our legs work to a wide range that tone muscles of legs, improve breath volumes, and increases heart rate and warmth.


Burpees are very intense cardio workouts, including a mixture of squatting and jumping. It helps increasing breath volumes and increases heart rate.

It is hard to pace with it as it’s quite vigorous. Due to its high intensity, 10 minutes of such a workout proves to be tough.


  • Stand straight, your feet apart.
  • Bent down and touch the floor as in sprinting position.
  • Then straighten your legs to get in posture as in push-ups. Or move your feet out to a plank position.
  • Again back to sprint’s starting position, your hands on the floor.
  • Now jump to the standing position with your hands in the air.

Pros:- Burpees, as vigorous activity, are so hard to practice and burns more than 100 calories in just 10 minutes, improves core strength, increases heart rate, and tone muscles.  


Squat jumps involve high jumps that involve full-body movement. It also focuses on the strength and endurance of an individual.

More such exercises increase breath volume and improve height. As it includes jumping, one should take off their joints and ankles.

To avoid high impact on joints and ankles, one should jump from whole feet instead of just using your toes. Also, try to land as softly as possible to make less brunt through such exercises.

man practicing squats


  • Stand in a squat position, that is, stand in an erect manner, your back straight.
  • Jump as high as you can with the involvement of feet instead of just toes.
  • Swing your arms to force upward while jumping.
  • Land as soft as possible to avoid joint or ankle cramps.

Pros:- Squat jumps are also vigorous activities to perform. It increases heart rate and breathing volume, improves leg strength.


Lunges are a type of cardio exercise combination of jumps, including lunges. It improves heart rate as it involves whole-body movements.


  • Rest on one of your knees, keeping the 90-degree angle between both of them.
  • Swing your arms and jump. Also, switch the legs while jumping.
  • And land in a lunge position and repeat.

Pros:- Lunge jumps tone up your leg and muscles along with strengthening the core, also burns calories.

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We have a cardio exercise list that one can practice to lose weight and hardly include any equipment:   


Frog jumps are intensive cardio exercises that can surely increase heart rate in just a short time.

jumping cardio exercise


  • Stand erect with your feet a little apart. Then, bend to prepare for the jump.
  • Jump explosively, using the whole strength of your legs to push you up in the air.
  • As you jump, tap your heels and move your hands up in the air depending on your comfort.
  • Land with bent knees to avoid joint or ankle strain.

Pros:- Includes entire body-power to improve endurance, burn calories, increase heart rate in a short period of performing this cardio.


Squat jump is a great exercise to include intensity to your daily workouts and raise your heart pumping.

An alternate and intense way of performing it involve keeping your hands behind your head. Leaning a little forward would help you engage your abs and back also.

If you find it uncomfortable, consult any health or fitness adviser whether to continue the exercise or not. Hence it is listed in cardio at the gym.


  • Stand straight, feet a little apart, and strengthen the core.
  • Squat down as trying to touch the floor but avoid creating too much pressure on joints.
  • Jump as high as you can, include arms movement overhead.
  • Land softly in squats posture to prevent joint damage.

Pros:- Since it is an intense workout, it improves your core strength and endurance. Additionally, it helps tone up leg and core muscles. 

Joints are to be taken care of while performing such activities. Although, you may always increase or decrease the height by adding or removing the stepping blocks.


Sidewise jumping lunge along with intensity workout improves flexibility. People who want to make the activity more vigorous could involve jumping while performing the cardio.


  • Bend your left knee touching the floor. And bring the other knee out straight.
  • Touch your right hand to the floor as you bend the left side.
  • Jump rapidly and switch your bent knee to another one.
  • Touch the floor with the left hand as your body slants right.

Pros:- Sidewise jumping lunge includes moderate intensity but results in faster pumping of heart, includes lower body flexibility, and burns abdominal fat. 

It also enhances endurance and core strength.


Toe taps are intensive workout which improves vigilance of a person. People who want to add more agility should perform the activity, including jumps.

If any time you find it difficult, you may seek the help of others. And must consult your doctor in case of injury or joint pain.

women performing toe taps


  • Take the help of a step or fitness step platform.
  • Stand straight in front of the platform, and also put your left toe on it.
  • Now along with a jump, switch the right toe with your left one on the step.
  • Again with a jump, switch the legs and place the right leg back on the platform.

Pros:- Toe taps are an intensive and beneficial workout that helps people build their fragility and burn calories. It serves people to strengthen their legs and tone muscles.


Jumping jacks serve as a great cardio workout that helps people build their endurance. It also improves muscle mass and includes the whole body to work.

To add more intensity, one should include a step as a prop to jazz up your regular workout.


  • Stand in front of the step. It could be either a step or fitness step platform, whichever you feel suitable.
  • Jump at the step with both feet at the same time.
  • Again jump back on the floor, both feet together.
  • While jumping, don’t forget to move your arms while performing every jump.

Pros:- Jumping jacks to the step have almost the same benefits as simple jumping jacks. The difference is to add excitement to regular boring workouts. 

It spices up the exercise and proves to be fun.


Long jumps are an exciting element to begin your daily cardio workouts. It involves jumping with both your feet and as far as you can.

Unlike other activities, it needs some expertise to follow. However, after mastering the technique, it would become your best cardio activity.

women performing toe taps


  • Stand straight, and your feet close but not glued together.
  • Swing your hands to make momentum.
  • And jump as far as you can with both feet together.
  • Try to make your weight in a forward direction to reach farthest and avoid slipping.

Pros:- It improves your core strength and also works on your body balance. It increases heart rate and strengthens your leg muscles. It also includes a whole body workout.


Plyo jacks are another challenging exercise, just like jumping jacks. It is a whole-body workout that needs a little effort while jumping.

Instead, it works on combining deeper squats than simple jumping. Therefore, we can say it impacts feet, hips, thighs, and heart rate.

It involves more intensity as arms rotate while practicing the activity.

For more, you could try plyo lunges that include lunges in the same way as jumping. For variations, it is a safe option to practice this cardio in your schedule alternatively.


  • Circle your arms in front of you as a ballet dancer does.
  • Keep your feet together and lie in a squat position.
  • Now, jump and move your feet out.
  • Land in a squat and circle your hands above your head.
  • Again jump and get your feet together while hands back in front of you, still in the circle.

Pros:- Plyo jacks are more flexibility-oriented and still an intensive workout to make your heart pump faster. 

This cardio exercise works on various body parts that tend to burn more calories overall. It tones up your muscles and provides strength.


However, jogging in one place is a good idea to improve your health and body fitness. But to spice it up and to increase its intensity, one should do high knees with it.

It would not only affect your calorie burn. But will work for your thighs, hips, and also core muscles.

Try to bring your knees up to the hips level to improve core strength.

women performing toe taps


  • Stand erect with your feet a little apart.
  • Jog at your place, moving your knees a little upward.
  • Try to bring your knees up to the hips level to extend your range of movement for joints and introduce flexibility.
  • You can also try to touch your hands with your knees while jogging, keeping your hands to butt level.

Pros:- Jogging with knees high in the air could be a challenging exercise but includes more power to your lower body parts. 

This cardio helps increase breath volume and heart rate. It burns fats of lower body parts and tone muscles.


Speed skaters are much intense than any other cardio exercise at the gym. It includes lateral body movements that also help burn fats and leads to flexibility.

The cardio is something we often ignore, and that concludes in overestimating fat content sidewise our body.

It involves outer thighs to work more and compliments forward and back cardio exercises too.


  • Stand erect, your feet together, and jump left, quite further.
  • Land on the left foot and move your right leg behind your right leg to create balance.
  • You can also touch the ground if you can.
  • Then, jump on your right and land on the right foot.
  • This time, cross your left leg behind your right leg to balance yourself.
  • Try to keep the movement as wide as you can to increase intensity and flexibility too.

Pros:- Speed skaters are much intense exercise that includes lateral movements to enhance outer thighs. 

It improves flexibility and strengthens our legs. It helps to increase our heart rate up to an extent, which leads to loss of weight and burns fats.  

I hope this cardio exercise article provides you a little motivation to get you on your health schedule.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does cardio burn the most fat?

Cardio exercises are the best way to burn calories and reduce fat in the body. There are several aerobic exercises to get you excited every time of practice. Besides fat loss, cardio helps build muscles that increase the health benefits like enhanced metabolism, calorie reduction.
These cardio practices ensure an even fat loss throughout the body and tone your muscles.
However, strength training combined with some cardio exercises is considered beneficial for weight loss and fat reduction.

What is the best cardio besides running?

Besides running, there are various other cardio like cycling, jump rope, swimming, rowing, walking. Being low-intensity exercises such as aerobic practices are easy to follow for almost any age group.

Is it okay to do cardio every day?

Practising cardio 3-4 days a week can improve your health and help you lose weight too.
Although it is a low-intensity workout to perform, considering rest for 2-3 days will help your body recover and strengthen the muscles used. Moreover, if you feel it is a very low-intensity activity, raise the repetitions, time, or intensity by increasing strain level or performing the cardio exercises every day.

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